Thursday, November 3, 2011


Smarties are made in Canada. They are also made in New Jersey. I'm not sure if New Jersey is in the United States but I'll probably look it up later. The Smarties I am describing are the wafer candy variety. Do not confuse them with the Smarties made by Nestle'. Those are not Smarties but imitation M&M's as they are hard candy coated chocolate. For you candy Nazis out there, I don't care which came first....I've never so much as seen the chocolate type of Smarties so M&M's are the real kings of candy coated chocolate so suck it. You can click on the picture of the addictive little bastards and read the Wikipedia article. You won't find any empirical research in the article. Hell, you aren't going to find any in this article either but I thought I'd share that fact with you.

I've been eating the addictive little bastards for a little over a month for an afternoon snack. One of our consultants has been buying them and stocking the candy bowl. I generally have 3 packages each day. I've made some observations, here they are...

Two weeks ago it seemed there was a shortage of green Smarties. It was noted that there were generally only a single green Smartie in each package if the green Smarties were not completely absent.

There are fifteen individual candy wafers in each pack if we are talking about the standard Hallowe'en variety. There are six flavors.

If you eat them systematically, meaning, match them up by color and eat two at a time you will start noticing some patterns.

Approximately 95 percent of the time after matching up the Smarties you will come up with 3 unmatched Smarties. You are required to eat them all together.

Approximately 4 percent of the time you will have five unmatched Smarties. You are required to eat them together.

Approximately 1 percent of the time you will have a single Smartie left over. I generally wait for another package to be opened and eat the single Smartie with a mate from the next package.

I have yet to encounter a situation where 6 unmatched Smarties remained. I'm sure you could do the probability math and come up with the chances of that happening....I can't.

You may have noticed I said approximately because I did not document any of these findings. Therefore they are probably not findings at all but perhaps more accurately described as observations.

I hope you enjoy Smarties as much as I do and have enjoyed this little exercise in observance. Buy a bag and let me know if your observations match my own.

Post Note: Just as I completed this article my package ended in a single Smartie and guess was green. Go figure.