Thursday, October 13, 2011

What is it with riding horses on roads after dark?

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma -- Broken Arrow Police say a horse was killed after a pickup truck hits it and its rider early Thursday morning.

Police say shortly after midnight, Michael Wick, 20, of Broken Arrow was riding a horse westbound on New Orleans just east of 177th East Avenue when the pickup truck struck the horse.

Once again we have a horse back rider hit by a vehicle AFTER DARK. This time it is in Northeastern Oklahoma. I'm thinking at this point there will be legislation introduced to require lights on horses in the next session of the legislature. No, I'm serious, I can almost guarantee you someone is writing the bill AS I TYPE THIS. 

Thank you dumbasses, you just made riding a horse after dark more expensive. You will also see a rash of tickets for horse riders who do not comply. Because you are too stupid to take care of yourself, The Nanny State has to do it for you. You only have yourselves to blame.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Only in Oklahoma

CRAIG COUNTY, Oklahoma – A Welch, Oklahoma man riding a horse was injured after a car struck the horse in Craig County Saturday night. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported. This happened at 8:25 p.m. on Highway 10, approximately one and half miles west of Welch. Troopers said 21-year-old Abraham Vontreger was transported by Eagle Med to Freeman Hospital in Joplin, where he was admitted in stable condition with arm and trunk internal injuries.

Seriously? Riding a horse on the highway? This was, as you will notice, AFTER DARK. Did he have lights on that horse, reflective tape? I'll bet no. Zoom down to the Google Street View of 1.5 miles west of Welch, Oklahoma.
Not a whole lot out there...but none-the-less you shouldn't be riding a horse on the highway. He's lucky to have survived. I'll bet the horse didn't. 

When I was in United States Marine Corps boot camp a recruit from The Bronx, New York City asked me "do you still ride horses" and if the "indians were much trouble out there?" I told him we don't ride horses any more and yeah "we indians" are still a lot of trouble. He was serious too.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Good fun!

NEWRY — Rocco Andreozzi and partner Kim Wasko expected the competition to be tough, but knowing their adversaries may have improved their odds.

Andreozzi and Wasko of Bethel took first place at Sunday River's 12th annual North American Wife Carrying Championship at Sunday River Ski Resort on Saturday. They finished the final run with a time of 49.64 seconds, shaving off 12.27 seconds from their winning time last year.

Andreozzi and Wasko received a check for $620 and nine cases of beer.

Good clean fun.