Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where Have I Been?

My regular readers are probably wondering where I've been. Well a lot has happened this year. I started a new position at my place of employment and have been busy learning about Business Objects and the wonderful world of Enterprise Data Warehouses. Wonderful might be over stated. But I am no longer resetting peoples passwords and telling them to turn the printer on BEFORE printing, all day long.

I have also started back to school. I may or may not have told you all that I never finished college. Now with my kids out of the house and me with plenty of time on my hands I have started back to school at night. Ii will graduate with an Administrative Leadership Degree from the University of Oklahoma. My friends have already volunteered their house and to pay for the liquor. So I've got that going for me...

And some sad news this past week, I also lost my mother. It was a sudden and unexpected heart attack. I now have the added responsibility of sorting out all of her belongings and her estate.

So the combination of these life changing events has limited my news commentary quite a lot. Looking at my stats it seems a lot of people still come to the site daily, I'm not entirely sure how or why at this point. I have thought about this page often and want to get back to posting. So if you were hoping to hear that from me, bully for you. Thanks for your continued support. And I'll you'll see me back on the blog soon.