Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chavez, is he on Death's door step?

CARACAS, Venezuela -- Allies of President Hugo Chavez assured Venezuelans on Monday the leftist leader is firmly in control of the country and improving after emergency surgery in Cuba, comments meant to dampen speculation about his health.

Pro-Chavez lawmaker Cilia Flores told state television that Chavez "is fulfilling all of the responsibilities" under the constitution, and said she had spoken to him earlier in the day.

We can only hope. Maybe that statement is kind of harsh. But Hugo Chavez is America's biggest adversary in this hemisphere. He is crazy drunk on power and his democracy turned into a dictatorship in the stroke of a pen. I know some Venezuelans like socialism. Just like here in our own country, some people there believe the state should provide for them. I don't believe that was the intention of our founding fathers.

This is the question? What will Venezuela do with out Chavez? Will they return to the table with America and resume normal relations and trading? We could certainly use their oil and they could certainly use our...what do we produce these days? Cars? nope they are in Mexico and Canada. Computers? nope those have been in Asia for nearly 20 years. Clothing? nope Indonesia and China.
What do we have to offer them for oil? Other than cash, which we are borrowing at the rate of 40,000$(US) a second.

I once wished this man would get herpes and boils on his ass. I guess I nearly got my wish. I'm sure my grandmother would tell me it is not good to wish ill on any man. So with that said, I hope this latest illness forces him into blissful retirement.