Saturday, June 25, 2011

Peter Falk, dead, old age, 83

The Emmy Award-winning actor Peter Falk has passed away at his home in Beverly Hills, California, aged 83. Although no cause of death has been released, the screen veteran, who was best known for his portrayal as the TV detective Columbo, had been battling dementia and Alzheimer's disease for some time.

Serpentine, serpentine.
The funniest movie ever...The In-Laws (1979)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Party Down on Me Hogs

YORK, England – A British soldier killed by a Taliban bomb in Afghanistan left $161,500 in his will -- so his friends could go on vacation to Las Vegas, The Sun reported Monday.

Royal Marine David Hart, who had taken out a $403,800 life insurance policy before he was deployed to Afghanistan, stipulated in a letter that in the event of his death, his friends and their partners should travel to Sin City for a massive party in his memory.

David seems to have loved life and loved his friends. Semper Fidelis Marine or perhaps as your mates may say, Per Mare, Per Terram. Thank you for your sacrifice.