Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exciting Weather

We got HAMMERED last night from the storm. Reports of a tornado are unfounded. As we walked home from the ball park we watched the rotation everyone is describing on twitter and other media. It was not a tornado but it looked like it was going to form one. We got home just in time for the hail to really start coming down. I have a video of the hail smacking the window. I will try to post it later.

Lots of trees were down. Big trees and little a like. Most of my neighbors who used wood posts lost their fences. I used metal poles and only lost one unsupported half section next to the house.

The wind was blowing 75-80mph from the north. Then it stopped and switched to blowing from the south at 60-70mph. That continued in each direction for a good 10 minutes. Our power was out for 4 or 5 hours.

A half mile east of us...we left the ball field just behind the power lines she is talking about being able to touch.

There is another video on the link that is from a half mile north of the DDDN studios.

Reporting live from Norman, I'm Eric Stephens, DDDN....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

US Army FINALLY stops pretending to be French

The U.S. Army said Monday that it was abandoning the beret, after a failed 10-year experiment.

The black beret, which proved deeply unpopular with American soldiers, will be replaced by a patrol cap for everyday wear, U.S. Army spokesman Col. Tom Collins said.

The move came after outgoing Army chief of staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, asked the Army's sergeant major "to go out and talk to soldiers across the force and see what was on their minds," Collins told AFP.

"One of the things that soldiers consistently brought up was the desire to wear the patrol cap as part of their duty uniform," he said.

FINALLY! I know a few soldiers and I don't believe I every heard one of them say they liked the beret. The Army in one bold step have once again elevated the status of the berets worn by their special forces, Airborne, Green Berets, Rangers to their special status. Viva Le France US ARMY.