Friday, June 10, 2011

The Dirk is obviously an alien

DALLAS -- Dirk Nowitzki waited five long years for that elusive third victory over Miami, yet there was only a short celebration when it finally came.

He briefly thrust both arms in the air, a sea of blue screaming around him, but then quickly walked off the floor.

To Nowitzki, the real party can't come until next week.

"There's really nothing to celebrate," he said. "We're going in there Sunday swinging, like we did today, from the jump, and hopefully steal one Sunday."

You know I have no love for the NBA. I've said it so many times. But this season I could not help but watch the kids from OKC make a deep run in the playoffs. It was good to see the kids show their potential. It was not good to see a space alien take over the series and win.

Now more than ever I believe Nowitzki is from from another planet. He obviously throttled down his scoring in the NBA FINALS to bring less attention to himself. But what he doesn't know is WE KNOW HE IS AN ALIEN. We've known since he scored 97 points and against OKC in game 2 of the conference finals. Nobody makes every free throw, especially German people. That's how we know he is an extraterrestrial alien. Dirk made every free throw except one, which an unnamed source with NASA told us was precisely when they saw a high level of gamma radiation directed at the arena. NASA is convinced it was call from his mother from his home planet.

The most expensive trio of players in the universe is going to loose the next game to Dirk Nowitzki and those "other guys from Dallas". The good news is "the other guys from Dallas" will get control of their bodies again because Dirk will not need them to do his bidding in the off season. Maybe if we are lucky Dirk will decide he wants to play soccer for the Chicago Fire in the off season.

Army Ranger is awarded the Medal of Honor

When Army Sergeant First Class Leroy A. Petry receives the Medal of Honor from President Obama next month, the Santa Fe resident will have to make sure the batteries are recharged for the prosthetic right hand he extends to friends and strangers alike.

He grabbed a grenade with his right hand and threw it back. That's bad ass. Thank you sir for your sacrifice.