Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Taquitos Save Lives

Zac and Amber Wyzard said they were parked in front of Walmart Neighborhood Market when they saw a white pickup truck pull up in front of the door, followed by a Tulsa Police car. Amber Wyzard said she saw a man with a gun, who was wearing white gloves, go inside the store. The Wyzards said they heard about six shots once the man was inside the door.

"We were about to go in, I was eating my taquito and she was like ‘hurry up, it's hot' and we saw this truck come in and I was like 'Thank God we didn't go in,'" Zac said.

Getting hot and sweaty nearly killed them, but they were saved by the taquito and it's need to be eaten. Remember the next time you are in South Tulsa, stop and get a taquito before going into a Walmart Neighborhood just might save your life.

And to the carjacking victim Robert. Where is your shirt? Do people just drive around without shirts? I was under the assumption that the signs you see posted, "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" were more effective.

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