Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Today is the day everyone is Irish and drinks themselves stupid. I know because I've been that person. They closed down my favorite Irish Pub, O'Connell's of Norman. Wait one, that isn't entirely true, they moved it to Campus Corner and bulldozed the old building to build student housing. None-the-less it's gone.

The Campus Corner location will probably never have the heart the old place had. Over the years I've drank many a green beer at O'Connell's. I've drank beer and eaten green eggs and ham at 7am and then gone on to class and in the afternoon, after a nap, gone back for more. I've taken the day off from work to drink beer all day. I've had my time swimming in the green beer.

It's no matter my new favorite Irish Pub is McNellie's. They have two locations, one near work and one near home, how could that be any better?

These days I am annoyed at all the drunk kids hitting on each other and being loud. My conscience will not allow me to drink and drive so I will probably have to just go home and have a beer. I will stop by the liquor store and get some Boddington's to enjoy. (Yeah I know it's not Irish beer) The very fact that St. Patrick's day falls on a week day prevents me from being properly inebriated.

And you know what...I'm not a single ounce Irish. I was however adopted into a very Irish family of NON-DRINKERS. That's right...there are Irish people out there who don't enjoy the odd beer, let alone any whiskey. This generational setback has not deterred my cousin who is blood kin of these Irish. She is a proper Irish maid and enjoys her beer and whiskey as much as any Faux-Irish person you will ever meet.

She's Irish and may God have pity on ya if you cast dispersions on her race this week.
So without a single drop of Irish blood and knowing only one phrase in Gaelic,
Talmid ag dul an Tula's
(rally on Tula's)
The motto of the 10th Kansas Company "A" Reenacting group

I wish my dear cousin a Happy St.Patrick's Day. 
May the ground rise up to meet your feet and that your face shall not touch the earth until your last day.
May all your clovers be genetic mutations and have 4 leaves.
May the little people brush your hair at night and guard you in your slumber.
May all the whiskey you drink tonight make you wiser than the Druid priests.
May each beer you drink kiss your lips hard and your liver gently.
Rally on Victoria you good son's of Ireland for her heart is strong and her will untestable.
Éirinn go Brách to each of you and watch over your Irish sister as your own for all your days.
Happy St. Patrick's Day cuz.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ummm, No Rick Rolling in Indiana

FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- A new government building in Fort Wayne, Ind., may officially be called Citizens Square, but to some not-so-square citizens it will always be the Harry Baals Government Center.

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry announced the new city and county government center's name Monday.

The most popular choice for the building in an online poll was the "Harry Baals Government Center." The second-place finisher was "Thunder Dome."

For those of you not familiar with the Rick Rolling term click here (Wikipedia). (that would have been easy for me to Rick Roll you right there but I didn't.

Harry was a probably a family name. I would have to say that parents that name their children with such a double entendres today need to have their parental rights revoked. That is just mean and not funny.

Thunder Dome? "Two men enter, one man leave!" "Bust a deal, spin the wheel." These rules might work in small city politics. I know they would in my home town of Norman, Oklahoma.

This is what happens when you allow the mob to rule.