Friday, February 25, 2011

Men Staring at Goats?

Don't stare directly into his eyes! He may Psy-op you! Dammit, too late.

Gen. David Petraeus has ordered an investigation into claims that a top Army official instructed a military team to manipulate visiting U.S. dignitaries using "psychological operations" so they would approve more resources for the Afghanistan war.

Rolling Stone reported that the command of Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, who is in charge of training Afghan troops, tried to tap members of the military's "information operations" unit to use their skills on visiting senators and congressmen, among others. The goal, according to the article, was to convince the officials to provide more troops and money.

It seems to me like someone thinks these psy-ops guys have magical powers. 
Jedi mind trick: "These are the soldiers you want to fund more."

I find it funny. If I needed more funding and troops my salesmanship skills could be considered psy-ops? Give me a break.

This would be a story if the Generals had bought the visiting Senators and Congressmen hookers and booze to convince them to give more funding. Just like the GOOD OLD DAYS!

Dispute over Thin Mints gets physical

Loves Thin Mints
NAPLES, Fla. – Police say a brawl between roommates over Girl Scout cookies led to assault charges against one of them. According to the Naples Daily News, the Collier County Sheriff's Office reports that 31-year-old Hersha Howard woke up her roommate early Sunday and accused her of eating her Thin Mints.

It's very much like this at our house. Thin Mints don't have any shelf life in our house. Nary a box has ever survived 24 hours in our pantry or refrigerator or behind the sugar on the second shelf or hidden the trunk of the Civic or hermetically sealed and submerged in a tank of diesel fuel in the garage. No, Thin Mints are 'the debil' and they must be persecuted and consumed with extreme prejudice.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Wallet Lost 40 Years Ago Now Is Found

Rudolph R. Resta, 77, walked out of a wintry rain recently, through the revolving door of a largely empty Times Square office building, and into his distant past.

He found his two sons, now in their 40s, when they were small enough to fit into the same lawn chair, side by side. He found his wife, Angela, posing before a knife-sharp Pontiac Grand Prix in Prospect Park, looking very sultry in a jaguar stole; “real jaguar,” he said, “not the stuff they have today.” He found a picture of his father, Nicola, that he once worried he would never see again. He found a Social Security card issued by the Federal Security Agency (the office hasn’t existed since 1953) and an American Express card so old that it wasn’t green, it was purple and white. (Member Since 64.)

When Mr. Resta went to fetch his jacket at lunchtime on that long-ago day, the wallet was gone. He wasn’t to see it again for 40 years. The reunion was made possible by José Cisneros, 46, a security guard who works in the former Times building, now called the Times Square Building. He came across the wallet last fall when he was investigating a void between an old unused window on the second floor and the masonry seal behind it. The wallet had apparently been stashed there after a thief found it in the coat closet and pulled out the cash.

What a great story.
The one item I would like to get back would be my useless high school ring. It was real gold. And when my parents bought it for me it was very expensive. That year was the year the Hunt brothers tried to corner the silver market. This had an affect on the gold prices that year and caused the price to skyrocket.

A ring that should have cost about a hundred dollars was $364(US). I princely sum to the very middle-middle class Stephens's. To put this in perspective, I bought a car that summer I saved for two years for. I paid $150(US) for that car.

I had the ring or a girl friend had the ring for two years. In the Fall of 1981, I was working at JC Penney's and had made a mess with paint. I went to the sink to clean up and left my ring there on the sink. Someone wanted it more than me I guess, because it was gone. I can't even describe how sick I was about that. It took me a week to tell my parents.

Unfortunately I'll probably get back a wallet I lost at Marine Corps Recruit Depot in 1982. I had that wallet right up to Family Day on Sunday before graduation. I can't remember anything other than my driver's license in it. Maybe a Social Security Card and maybe a picture of my girl friend at the time.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Research shows alcohol can delay dementia

A cocktail or glass of wine is beneficial in warding off dementia, but binge-drinking makes it more likely.

A daily cocktail or glass of wine may help delay dementia. Research has found that alcohol is an anti-inflammatory (inflammation promotes Alzheimer's) and raises good HDL cholesterol, which helps ward off dementia.

Recent work at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Centre in North Carolina found that older people who had eight to 14 alcoholic drinks a week had a 37 per cent lower risk of dementia than non-drinkers.

However, adults who go on occasional binges face a higher risk. A Finnish study showed that adults who binged in midlife at least once a month - drinking, for example, more than five bottles of beer or a bottle of wine at one sitting - were three times more likely to develop dementia, including Alzheimer's, 25 years later.

At this rate then, I won't have dementia until I 123 years old. AWESOME! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


What the hell?
Dress up Sarah Palin?
What demographic does this type of advert appeal to?

This is the ad that popped up when I clicked a Leatherneck magazine twitter link to read an opinion piece on the New York Times site "Long War" in Afghanistan.

Firstly, it's one of those annoying flashing adverts which make me want to uninstall the Flash Player add-on from my browser and eviscerate its creator.

Secondly, who on earth wants to "dress up" Sarah Palin? I can imagine dozens of 9 year old girls out there on the interwebs reading this Op-Ed piece about the  momentum shifts in a counterinsurgency campaign that think, "hey when I'm done with this article, I'm going play dress up with Sarah Palin!!! Awesome!"

Some days I wonder what ever happened to the internet?

Would women give up sex if it meant being slim?

(CBSNews) Would you give up sex to be thin?

Fitness magazine asked 2,400 women if they would sacrifice a full year of sex to be skinny -- and 51 percent said yes.

That was just one of the surprising results of the magazine's new diet survey - a survey that underscored the serious self-esteem and body issues many women have today.

Other findings: 43 percent of the women in the study have skipped meals regularly to lose weight, 39 percent have taken diet pills, and 40 percent went on their first diet, not only in high school, but possibly in middle school.

Its odd that nearly 100% of men would give up everything to have sex. Weight loss and women go hand in hand. We have ingrained that through the millions of images we use to sell stuff to each other.

You can see in this article if there was a question what is beautiful they post a picture so you know what that is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Its not worth the effort.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fact Checking ... what the hell is that?

Charlie Sheen may have a real-life "Big Love" situation on his hands soon.

The "Two-and-Half Men" star wants exes Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards -- and their four children by him -- back in his life, TMZ reports.

How? Sheen has a plan that sounds a lot like the Showtime hit series "Big Love," where the main Mormon character's many wives live in houses surrounding his.

Big Love is on Showtime? When did that happen?
For those of you who don't know Big Love is on HBO.
You can expect them to correct this error pretty soon, so I took a screen cap.

As far as Charlie...I feel sorry for the guy. He has issues and should probably talk to Robert Downey, Jr. real soon. Get it together Charlie before it is too late. 120,000$(US) a month for alimony/child support is A LOT.

I know he is raking it in on the sitcom Two-and-Half Men but that is not forever. I know he will be getting syndication checks from the series when he is living in an old age home and eating his meals through a straw but that kind of money doesn't grow on trees. You really need to work to earn that kind of money and if he destroys his life further with drugs and alcohol and porn stars he won't be able to earn it.

Wake up Charlie, get straight.