Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lose the attitude

This is Gary England. If you don't live in Oklahoma he's just some old weather man with a funny accent. If you live in Oklahoma, this is the man you turn to to tell you when the EF5 tornado is going to hit your trailer house.

In short, he is a god, a god of weather prediction, or perhaps he is the patron saint of weather, you get the idea. He is(was) the man. He is a local celebrity and worshiped by many. The Lost Ogle (a local OKC blog) even markets and sells shirts in his honor. That's where I picked up this clip of Gary laying down the law.

I've been watching Gary on TV since 1971 when we moved back to Oklahoma from Guam. Norman Oklahoma is the home of the National Severe Storms Center. In the shadow of that institution the 'big three' channels (CBS, ABC, NBC) in OKC spent ridiculous amounts of money on weather radar. The competition is fierce too. The "big three" all have their signature weather men. There is something for everyone.
If you want to hear about how you are about to die: Mike Morgan, NBC
If you are sure you are not going to die: Rick Mitchell, ABC
If you want a no nonsense approach to what the weather is doing: Gary England, CBS

I have literally heard Mike Morgan tell us we were all going to die during the Christmas Eve Snowpocalype of 2009. It was a blizzard. We've seen them before. Chill out man.

We've once again been the victim of the brutal weather on the plains. Deadly weather. The tornadoes that wrecked the state on May 24, 2011 killed 25 people (as of this post) in Oklahoma. They could have killed hundreds more if it were not for these weathermen and their amazing radar technology. We are fortunate to have hours to prepare or get out of the way due to their storm tracking broadcasts.

While we all joke about what Okies do when they hear the tornado sirens, they go outside and film the tornado of course but we manage to survive. The news room is no place for attitude when someone out there is facing this... May 24, 2011, Piedmont Oklahoma Tornado, (5:54) or this... April 14th, 2011, Tushka Oklahoma, Multi-Vortex Tornado (5:06)

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Nolita said...

What was Gary talking about? Who's attitude? I missed it...