Friday, October 1, 2010

It's got to be an omen

Its got to be an omen. I hope its a good omen.

Boomer Sooner!

It's time for the Red River Rivalry Again

Every year its basically the same thing. I found this picture post and it represents the spirit of this rivalry better than most, check it out.

This year two sophomore quarterbacks square off behind teams that you wonder if they suffer a bit from a hangover from the last year. You know that some of the players on these teams are very talented, but you wonder if they are smart enough to make the good plays. Both teams are missing very talented quarterbacks and some other skill players. Texas is coming off a 14 point drop in the polls loss to UCLA. OU is coming off a win against a team in the past we should have smoked. Both teams are going through the schedule adjustments that had them playing better teams due to the BCS formula. That's funny because the reason for playing better teams and not cupcakes doesn't matter this year in the formula, or as much, so they say. But It really doesn't matter though. Both teams could be 0-4 coming into this game and the rivalry would still be the biggest game of the year.

We don't let a single opportunity pass to tell a Texas fan how we feel about them. My daughter and I were at the Air Force vs Army football game in Colorado Springs. As we got up from our meal we noticed a young man wearing a Texas shirt across the restaurant. We stood there staring at him until he noticed our Crimson OU shirts. We flashed their hook'em horns sign to him upside down and wait for a reaction. He gave us a dirty look and we laughed all the way back to the hotel.

Although I dearly hate all things Texican, any gal willing to wear chaps in public can't be all bad.

Bad news kids you've probably got...hey look a squirrel

LONDON (Reuters) – British scientists have found the first direct evidence attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a genetic disorder and say their research could eventually lead to better treatments for the condition.

Researchers who scanned the gene maps of more than 1,400 children found that those with ADHD were more likely than others to have small chunks of their DNA duplicated or missing.

Perhaps the first sentence should have read, "British scientists have found the first direct evidence ...and say their research could eventually lead to ways to discriminate against those who have the...what was it I was talking about? Do you want to get a beer?"

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just a typical night in Pauls Valley

What the hell?

Just when Oklahoma was finally being painted as a nice place to live someone's backwoods 3rd cousin gives us some press we probably deserve.

Check out The Lost Ogle and their thoughts on the video.

Listen to this song and forget you just watched that video.

Tony Curtis, actor/playboy, dead, 85, old age

Tony Curtis, whose good looks made him a Hollywood star well before he became an accomplished actor in movies such as "The Sweet Smell of Success" and "Some Like It Hot," died at his home in Nevada, ABC News reported Thursday. He was 85.

Curtis, one of the biggest box-office stars of the 1950s and one of Hollywood's busiest playboys during that time, died in bed at midnight in Henderson, Nevada, ABC said, citing his business manager and family spokesman, Preston Ahearn.

A truly classy guy who had a truly blessed life.
A fun interview is here, "Tony Curtis on Marilyn Monroe: It was like kissing Hitler!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to do a news report

Forget about going to college for four years and getting that journalism degree. This is a two minute primer that demonstrates how to do a news report. I'm sure this is all the training the folks at my local TV stations have. Perhaps even with worse video techniques. I swear the reason I stopped watching the local news is explained in this video. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FINALLY, Zucker is out

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Sunday's announcement that Steve Burke will take the reins at the post-merger NBC Universal capped a wave of grim relief and bright hope that swept Hollywood upon hearing two days earlier of the resignation of CEO Jeff Zucker.

The transition is expected to take place later this year or early next year.

Few in the industry had kind words for Zucker, who has presided over repeated failure at NBC and was often seen as aggrandizing himself despite his signal lack of success. But many expressed optimism that Comcast will be a better steward than General Electric Co for one of Hollywood's storied entertainment companies.

GOOD! Behold the man who canceled Heroes and Life. It's time he left before they have to start selling off the other channels. And finally, whoever moved Parks and Recreation to mid-season should be summarily fired as well. In a cable box full of crap Parks and Recreation is clever, well written and very funny.


Irony: Segway

LONDON – All police found at the bottom of a cliff was a man's body in a frigid river and a Segway, the two-wheeled electric device that was supposed to revolutionize personal transport.

It was Jimi Heselden, a one-time laid-off coal miner turned self-made millionaire who had bought the Segway company only 10 months earlier. He apparently fell to his death while riding one of the sleek black-and-silver scooters. Authorities said Monday his body was found in the River Wharfe at the base of a 30-foot cliff.

While this man's death is a tragedy, you can't help but think that this might be the most ironic death this week. The man invented a revolutionary device that ironically led to his demise. This has almost comic book like tragedy written in to it. How many evil superheroes have died from their own inventions?

Our prayers are with his family in this difficult time.

Gone: Fort Washita Historical Site Burned Down

DURANT — The replica of a military barracks at Fort Washita in southeastern Oklahoma has been destroyed by fire.

The site was acquired by the Oklahoma Historical Society in 1962 and the barracks were built in 1972. It was designated a National Historic Location in 1965.

Park Superintendent Larry Marcy estimates the damage at $2 million.

You have seen on this blog that I have been to this site many times.

Video from ABC Texoma

Video from KXII...

This is horrible. I have spent quite a few nights sleeping in the barracks and the building was an important part of the fort and the living history of the site.