Friday, September 24, 2010

We don't have to pay for security any more

Aliens Are Monitoring Our Nukes

Captain Robert Salas was on duty in Montana in 1967 when a UFO shut down the nuclear missiles on his base. And he's hardly the only one to make such a claim.

On Monday, six former U.S. Air Force officers and one former enlisted man will break their silence about similar events at the National Press Club, all centering around unidentified flying objects and nuclear missiles. They plan to urge the government to publicly confirm the incidents, stating that they were ordered never to discuss the events.

"We're talking about unidentified flying objects, as simple as that," Salas told "They're often known as UFOs, you could call them that," he added. Salas, a former U.S. Air Force nuclear missile launch officer, will host the event along with researcher Robert Hastings, author of "UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites.

About the picture: Looking like a scene right out of the movie Independence Day, this glowing halo in the sky was seen in the sky over Moscow, Russia in early October 2009. UFO experts were baffled by the sighting but Moscow's weather bureau claimed the effect was caused by several weather fronts passing through Moscow as the sun shined from the west.

Several weather fronts? That's funny. It's obvious its got something to do with aliens. As you are aware, I want to believe, but I'm gonna need a little more evidence of aliens. How about a Facebook page? Twitter account? You can't possible tell me that aliens don't participate in social media.

These Air Force guys sound convincing. I'm just coming up short on the whole how can you knock out the electrics on a nuke and not on the entire building housing the nukes?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2,000 new words for your vocabulary

Hockey Mom - "a mother who devotes a great deal of time and effort to supporting her children's participation in ice hockey".
Thank Sarah Palin for coining the phrase from our  largest state where hockey as opposed to soccer dominates the sports scene. In the lower 48 we have Soccer Moms - "a mother who devotes a great deal of time and effort to supporting her children's participation in soccer". 

It has also taken on the connotation of a hot mom, that perhaps drives an oversized SUV. Either way Hockey Mom comes in to our lexicon.

Around 2,000 new words, phrases, and meanings have been added to the dictionary of American English, including bromance – defined as "a close but nonsexual relationship between two men",

cougar ("an older woman seeking a sexual relationship with a younger man"), 

Courtney Cox in Cougar Town

tramp stamp ("a tattoo on a woman's lower back")

and the verb to unfriend ("remove (someone) from a list of friends or contacts on a social networking site"), publisher Oxford University Press USA has revealed.

A host of new meanings for old words have also made it into the 2,000-plus page dictionary, last updated in 2005, from nimrod ("an inept person) to pimp (to make something "more showy or impressive") and rock: "she was rocking a clingy little leopard-skin number".

Check out the Oxford Dictionary Post Blog for the complete list.

 This post rocks, what's not to like? I was tempted to just post a bunch of pictures of LBDs.
Yah its in there too. Little Black Dress.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oktoberfest 2010

Two of the greatest things in the world. 
Thank you LIFE Magazine.

Update: Bell, California

LOS ANGELES -- Eight current and former Bell city officials were arrested Tuesday as part of a corruption probe in the small, working-class city of Bell, where residents were outraged after learning officials were paying themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries.

You remember this story. People making nearly $800,000 a year to be a city manager for a town with a population of 40,000. Don't worry the former Police Chief Randy Adams who was making $457,000 a year, he wasn't making the arrests.

Rizzo, Adams and Spaccia resigned and the council members reduced their salaries to about $8,000 following the disclosures and angry public reaction. The four council members are currently the target of a recall.

What did the mayor Mayor Oscar Hernandez have to say about it? Not much he lawyered up he was one of the eight arrested.

Hottest member?

Voters now know a thing or two about Harry Reid's type -- the Senate majority leader, speaking at a fundraiser Monday, reportedly called New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand "the hottest member," in front of a crowd that included the blond mother of two. reported that the remark caused Gillibrand to blush and surprised those in the audience.

So Harry, how's everything at home? When you get home, I bet you'll have some 'splaining to do.

Yeah, that would be my reaction too.

I know why my readers come to this site, so here is your linky to the 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill. You won't be disappointed.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arr, every year we celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I expect my scurvy mates will continue the tradition and cast dispersions on the non-pirates.