Wednesday, July 14, 2010

South Korea deploys robot capable of killing intruders along border with North

Two robots with surveillance, tracking, firing and voice recognition systems were integrated into a single unit, a defence ministry spokesman said.
The 400 million won (£220,000) unit was installed last month at a guard post in the central section of the Demilitarised Zone which bisects the peninsula, Yonhap news agency said.

The robot uses heat and motion detectors to sense possible threats, and alerts command centres, Yonhap said.

If the command centre operator cannot identify possible intruders through the robot's audio or video communications system, the operator can order it to fire its gun or 40mm automatic grenade launcher.

I wonder if they have worked all the bugs out of the ED209? Who cares! That's awesome! 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brass Balls

On my way to the Oreilly's Auto Parts I came across this abomination. Yes, that is a Texas Longhorn themed pimp mobile complete with 26 inch rims right in the middle of SOONER LAND. 

The kid was not very chatty when I asked about the technology necessary to put 26 inch rims on an Impala. Every person that came in the store stopped and looked at this car and immediately came in the store and looked for the owner. No less than 12 people were standing there either staring at the driver or the car during the entire 15 minutes I was in the store.

Was it any wonder the kid seemed really nervous and non-chatty. With all the scrotum tearing Sooner fans around I'm surprised this car isn't constantly in the shop for repairs.

My good friend and Texas Tech fan, Jerry asked what kind of tag did they have. It was just a regular issue Oklahoma license plate.  It wasn't even personalized. Which lead him to post on my Facebook page, Fail Blog Alert. If I see this thing again I will definitely get a picture of the tag.

In any event, it takes a huge set of brass balls to drive this around in the home of the Oklahoma Sooners.

You think it's hot where you live?

I'd like to say something like, "at least its a dry heat", but that wouldn't be true. The humidity is way up there too. The good news is at least the temperature was down from 160 degrees when this picture was taken.

On the corner of Lindsey Street and Sooner Road in Norman.

Photo credits go out to my wife's Brother-In-Law John Helton.

CNN the formerly most trusted name in news

Is this what we are reduced to? Muppets delivering the news?

The end of serious legitimate journalism is near. Enjoy.