Thursday, July 8, 2010

2053, I had no idea it was that many

Holy crap. This will make you think.

About "1945-1998" ©2003
"This piece of work is a bird's eye view of the history by scaling down a month length of time into one second. No letter is used for equal messaging to all viewers without language barrier. The blinking light, sound and the numbers on the world map show when, where and how many experiments each country have conducted. I created this work for the means of an interface to the people who are yet to know of the extremely grave, but present problem of the world."

Look out George Clooney

Men active around the household are more attractive, survey says

DOING household chores is a far better way to woo a woman than giving chocolate or flowers, a survey has said.

Just under half of the females surveyed by appliance group DeLonghi said helping around the house was the way to their heart admitting they'd be more impressed if their partner did the ironing than took them for a weekend away or a romantic candlelit dinner.

The results come alongside the revelation that women spend 5472 hours of their lives ironing, compared with 4680 hours for men, the Daily Mail reports.

A psychologist said the findings showed women were looking for a man willing to be more active in the household.

Well how about that? My wife must have hit the jackpot then! Hell, I must be the George Clooney* of my block. I do half the laundry, with my wife and I alternating weekends. Mine is this weekend, by the way. I also run the vacuum and am the only person qualified to use the carpet cleaner on the carpet. (Note: I have cleared my son to use the carpet cleaner and he is nearing his Novice Certification) I also wash windows and do my share of the dishes. I'm a regular part time house husband.

As far as ironing goes, my wife spends ZERO hours of ironing compared to my 4 hours a month. That's not a complaint, that's a fact. I'm damn good at ironing. If you add all the times I ironed my Marine Corps uniforms during the six years I served, I'm pretty sure I'd blow 4,680 hours out of the water.

Matter of fact, I was ironing just a week ago when my wife and I were in the bedroom watching TV and she said, "You look pretty good there, ironing my uniforms." I think she likes the way I press her clothes. ;)

* The metaphor is that George Clooney is a much admired and attractive specimen of the male of the human race and thusly I am a much admired and attractive person considering the amount of house work I do and the understanding that this study equates attractiveness to men doing house work. If George doesn't rock your trailer please substitute an acceptable attractive male in the appropriate places in my commentary.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Let's go fishin'

NEW CASTLE, Del. – A couple of fishing buddies from Delaware have been catching more than just bass. Larry Newirth and Dan Cathell spotted a white BMW 750 sedan on June 17. Then on Friday, they found a late-model Honda Accord. Police say the cars were stolen and abandoned. No arrests have been made.

Their biggest concerns are the police might close down the ramp and interrupt the fishing. What do the body panels on a BMW 750 sedan go for? I bet you could buy a lot of bait with that money. (Picture is not one of the recovered cars.)

New Gadget

I just added the Revolver Map. Mostly...because it's COOL! Okay I'm off to find something else to post. Have a good week.