Friday, March 5, 2010

A great weekend ahead

It's going to be a great weekend in the central states. Highs are going to creep up into the 60s. Get outside and do something.

Don't believe everything anyone says

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is trying to achieve a health care overhaul the way he once said it couldn't, and shouldn't, be done.

He now wants congressional Democrats to move ahead without Republican support and pass the legislation with a bare majority in the Senate instead of the broader majority he favored as a presidential candidate.

To be sure, Obama has tried to get Republicans behind him. Having failed, he's reverting to a "50-plus-one" strategy that he called a losing proposition — because "you can't govern" with it — back when he was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

THE CLAIM: Gibbs at first said Obama was only talking about how to get elected when he criticized the 50-plus-one strategy in an October 2007 interview with the Concord Monitor in New Hampshire. Pressed, Gibbs then said Obama meant "you're not going to get legislation through Congress if only 50 percent plus one in the country think it's a good idea. That's why if you look at poll after poll, people want health care reform and the debate on health care reform to continue."

THE FACTS: Obama wasn't talking about polls or public opinion — or only about electoral politics — in the interview.

THE CLAIM: When House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., argued that Republicans had used the same fast-track process to enact major legislation along partisan lines when they were in charge of Congress, Cantor denied it. "There was, in the main, bipartisan support for what was being done through reconciliation in those instances," he said.

THE FACTS: Of the 10 occasions between 1995 and 2005 when Republicans were in the Senate majority and used reconciliation to pass bills, seven passed with deep partisan divisions.

This is a bad idea and a very desperate one at that. IF they pass this legislation this way, I can promise it will be sticky. Meaning those who did it against their constituent's objections...will be voted out of office in November. Whether you are for this legislation or against it, this is NOT how you get it passed.

British helicopter pilot shot between the eyes but keeps flying to save 20 soldiers

A BRITISH Chinook helicopter pilot was shot between the eyes by a Taliban bullet - but flew on and saved all 20 aboard, The Sun reported.

The Sun reports that Flight Lieutenant Ian Fortune, 28, had flown in to pick up casualties as a firefight raged between American and Afghan forces and heavily-armed rebels near Garmsir in Helmand Province.

A bullet hit a metal rail on the front of his helmet which is used to attach night vision goggles.The round then penetrated his helmet hitting him between the eyes. It knocked his head back and caused severe bleeding.

Mike Brewer, 41, who was with a crew from the Discovery Channel on the chopper filming a documentary, said: "The courage and heroism of the pilot was beyond belief."

I can't wait to see that footage. Well done sir, well done.

 Another story about the brave troops at Camp Bastion.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quite possibly the hottest arsonist EVAR

Georgina Phair, 26, poured petrol on the bonnet of Malon Kelly’s vehicle before lighting it, causing an explosion that shook the street and caused £4,000 damage.

Before the incident, Phair, of Cheltenham, called Mr Kelly saying: ‘You are going to get it. Something’s going to happen to you.’
She was sentenced to 40 weeks in jail, suspended for two years, and placed under supervision.
Who gets the job of supervising her? I'm sure she will be well supervised.

Israeli raid called off after Facebook slip

JERUSALEM – The Israeli military says a planned raid on a West Bank village was called off after an Israeli soldier disclosed its details online.

The military says the combat soldier posted the time and location of the raid on his Facebook page saying that troops were planning on "cleaning up" the village.

The soldier was court-martialed and sentenced to 10 days in prison.

"Facebook helps you connect with the people in your life." Perhaps a little too much at times.
Ouch, 10 days and a court-martial. Hasn't this idiot ever heard the old saying, "Loose lips sink ships."?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recalls, all the cool motor companies are doing it

DETROIT (Reuters) – General Motors Co is recalling 1.3 million compact cars in North America to address a power steering problem that has been linked to 14 crashes and one injury, the company said on Tuesday.

U.S. safety regulators opened an investigation on January 27 into approximately 905,000 Cobalt models in the United States after receiving more than 1,100 complaints of power steering failures. The complaints included 14 crashes and one injury.

The recall covers the 2005-2010 model year Chevrolet Cobalt and 2007-2010 Pontiac G5 in the United States; 2005-2006 Pontiac Pursuit sold in Canada, and the 2005-2006 Pontiac G4 sold in Mexico, GM said in a statement.

The bashing of Toyota Motors is misplaced if you ask me*. The recall of 2.3 million vehicles won't even break the top ten of vehicle recalls.

Skip to the chase? Okay, I'll spoil the ending for you. #1 on the list...
Ford - 2008 - 12 million vehicles

I do not own any Toyota branded automobiles. The closest thing we have is the 2006 Scion xB my son drives.

65 Years Ago

IWO TO, Japan – Hundreds of U.S. Marines landed on the remote island of Iwo Jima on Tuesday to prepare for the 65th anniversary of one of World War II's bloodiest and most iconic battles.

The Marines flew in trucks, water and food from Washington to support Wednesday's commemorations of the 1945 battle that was a turning point in the Pacific theater. It claimed 6,821 American and 21,570 Japanese lives in 36 days of intense fighting. A drill team also arrived on the island.

A good friend of mine has been to this ceremony. He was a member of the Marine Band at the time.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dubai Mall re-opens after aquarium leak

THE Dubai Mall which was evacuated after a massive aquarium sprung a leak this week, re-opened Friday (local time), according to media reports.

However, a glass tunnel that goes through the gigantic aquarium is still closed for the public as a precautionary measure, authorities in charge of the major attraction in the once booming Gulf emirate said.

"It wasn’t a big breach, just a minor crack and it was fixed within an hour,” the official told the Times on condition of anonymity.