Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Oklahoma City's in the mood! That's right, according to the America's “Hotbeds of Sex” list published by Men's Health, Oklahoma City ranks eighth on a list of 100 of the most sexually active cities in the country.

It looks like the I-35 corridor is a road to sexually active people. Austin, Dallas, OKC, San Antonio, Arlington and down at 30th even Wichita, Kansas is on there. Sadly this is also leading to the creation of Texans. And that's all fine and everything but its akin to breeding prize pigs. If your pigs are consistently 2nd or 3rd place what's the point?

How do you explain such a phenomenon? Its simple, the gals in Texas and Oklahoma are prettier than most of the rest of the country. Deal with it. If you don't believe me come find out for yourself. Giggity!

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Fritz said...

w00t! Denver is #5 :P