Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why college is becoming a joke

Underwater Basket Weaving @ Reed College
As a part of their Paideia Festival of Learning -- which offers non-credit courses -- Reed has offered this course since 1980. And they're not alone. University of California-San Diego's recreation department has offered a similar course since 1984, and the University of Arizona's Student Resource Center offered "submerged snorkeling basket weaving" in 1998.

I get it that college needs to be fun. But with rising tuition rates I can't see how colleges can offer courses like these. If your kids are taking underwater basket weaving instead of a course which might help them compete against kids from foreign countries who took Comparative Anatomy instead of Underwater Basket Weaving, or perhaps Fluid Dynamics instead of The Art of Walking, then they should enjoy serving fries to the foreign student's kids at McDonald's.

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vossron said...

At Reed, the "course" is between semesters, "taught" by students, costs nothing, not for credit, but for fun. An amusing way to relax. I don't know about the other schools.