Monday, March 29, 2010

Not like Canada? Try again

WASHINGTON – Better beat the crowd and find a doctor.

Primary care physicians already are in short supply in parts of the country, and the landmark health overhaul that will bring them millions more newly insured patients in the next few years promises extra strain.

Yet recently published reports predict a shortfall of roughly 40,000 primary care doctors over the next decade, a field losing out to the better pay, better hours and higher profile of many other specialties. Provisions in the new law aim to start reversing that tide, from bonus payments for certain physicians to expanded community health centers that will pick up some of the slack.

And how do they propose to fix that? Handouts of course.

So they said health care would not be rationed, they may have been telling the truth there. They won't have to ration the care, if there aren't enough appointment slots to see all the patients. Care will be rationed by default if you can't see a doctor. But don't you worry, the government will be "giving incentives" to doctors to be primary care physicians. Awesome. Hand outs upon hand outs.


Anonymous said...

Great opinion from someone who has no idea about Canadian health care. Continue showing you don't have a fucking clue! What a lame piece of shit opinion.

OkieRover said...

I didn't serve 6 years in the Marines to watch my country turn into a socialist republic.

Give it a chance? Are you retarded? So I should let this crap bankrupt my country and then say oops my bad?

We are so far in debt now we might just collapse from it. You like rationed health care YOU KEEP IT. And if you are living here and want universal free health care MOVE TO EUROPE OR CANADA.

And when you want to respond on my blog in the future how about you do it with some points instead of your lame ass name calling?