Friday, October 9, 2009

No Effin' Way!

(CNN) -- President Obama on Friday said he was "surprised and deeply humbled" by winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.
"I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments, but rather as an affirmation of American leadership," Obama said from the White House Rose Garden.

"I will accept this award as a call to action."

Obama said he did not feel he deserves "to be in the company" of past winners.

The Nobel announcement was a stunning decision that comes just eight months into Obama's presidency.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee said it honored Obama for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

The decision appeared to catch most observers by surprise.

The president had not been mentioned as among front-runners for the prize, and the roomful of reporters gasped when Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Nobel committee, uttered Obama's name.

Now I've seen EVERYTHING. Wow. My first reaction was to check the calendar make sure it wasn't April Fool's Day. My second reaction was similar to everyone else's. What a lame excuse to give that award. He hasn't earned it, not if you look at all the other prize winners and their accomplishments. I am stunned.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Outside England 's Bristol Zoo there is a parking lot for 150 cars and 8 buses. For 25 years, its parking fees were managed by a very pleasant attendant. The fees were £1 for cars ($1.40), £5 for busses (about $7).

Then, one day, after 25 solid years of never missing a day of work, he just didn't show up; so the Zoo Management called the City Council and asked it to send them another parking agent.

That's when the story gets interesting...

Oops, sorry wrong boat, don't mind us

A group of Somali pirates has been captured after attacking a French navy ship by mistake, apparently thinking it was a harmless cargo vessel.

Okay I don't know which is funnier,
That the idiots thought a French naval vessel was a harmless cargo ship.
A French naval vessel was mistaken for a harmless cargo ship.

At least the French sailors didn't surrender.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Is SNL right that Obama's accomplished 'nothing'?

This weekend "Saturday Night Live" opened with Fred Armisen as President Obama, delivering an address from the Oval Office. Noting up front that he'd failed to secure the 2016 Olympic Games for Chicago, Armisen's Obama said it was just further proof that his detractors' fears are unfounded: How could he transform the country into something resembling the former Soviet Union or Nazi Germany when he's failed to accomplish anything at all? "When you look at my record," he said, "it's very clear what I've done so far, and that is nothing."

The apologist Brett Michael Dykes ( contributor to the Yahoo! News Blog) tells us that SNL is way off. And that Obama has actually done a lot. He's even saying that Obama has only been in the office 9 months. Do any of you remember how much the media barked about what the previous president had gotten done in the first 9 months? 9 months and he has both houses of congress. And yet he still has nothing to show of 9 months except some feel good crap. At the pace it took him to get a family pet, I'm pretty sure if the voters elect him to 8 more terms as president he'll have that pesky health care bill ready to sign.

Norway is best place to live

PARIS (AFP) – Norway takes the number one spot in the annual United Nations human development index released Monday but China has made the biggest strides in improving the well-being of its citizens.

Norway, Australia and Iceland took the first three spots while Niger ranks at the very bottom, just below Afghanistan.

China moved up seven places on the list to rank as the 92nd most developed country due to improvements in education as well as income levels and life expectancy.

Awesome, up China is up 7 places to 92nd! What a bunch of crap. 92nd!? That means there are 91 better countries to live in. How is that worthy of reporting. Afghanistan is up 1 to take them to the second CRAPPIEST place on earth to live. The good old U.S. of A. landed in 13th. Which I will take just fine. I'm sure if we had socialized medicine like all the countries in the top ten we'd be hard to beat. Never mind I think I'll keep my right to arm bears and my right to own my very own tank and sit content in 13th place. I'm thinking of arming the bears in my neighborhood with RPGs so look out.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Air Force, Boeing test laser weapon....

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - A plane at Kirtland Air Force base has been blasting some targets at White Sands Missile range without bullets or bombs. Instead, the plane employs a laser as its weapon of choice.

The Air Force has just released the video the futuristic weapon at work.

This is freaking kewl...but you know they've had this for years, and they are just releasing it now because we have a new more powerful weapon. Talk about having the upper hand when it comes to weapons dropping lasers from the skies. Zap...Zap...Zap okay area secure send in ground forces to collect ... click the title for the full story and video goodness. Keep in mind the goal behind this test was accuracy and I have to say..they nailed it.