Saturday, May 16, 2009

You've probably already heard, Wayman Tisdale, dead, cancer, 44

Wherever Wayman Tisdale went, whatever he was doing, chances were he was smiling.

Tisdale was a three-time All-American at Oklahoma in the mid-1980s before playing a dozen years in the NBA and later becoming an accomplished jazz musician.

But those who knew Tisdale, who died Friday at a hospital in his hometown of Tulsa, Okla., recalled not only his professional gifts but a perpetually sunny outlook, even in the face of a two-year battle with cancer that took his life at 44.

We Okies are mourning the loss of a great athlete and a great ambassador of our state. Wayman was at OU when I attended there. He took a football school and taught them to dribble a basketball.

Hot in recession: Cheaper wine, chocolate, Spam

WASHINGTON – It's not all doom and gloom in the U.S. economy. Some products are bucking the recession and flying off store shelves. Sales of chocolate and running shoes are up. Wine drinkers haven't stopped sipping; they just seem to be choosing cheaper vintages.

Gold coins are selling like hot cakes. So are gardening seeds. Tanning products are piling up in shopping carts; maybe more people are finding color in a bottle than from sun-worshipping on a faraway beach.

Strong sales of Spam, Dinty Moore stew and chili helped Hormel Foods Corp. post a 6 percent increase in first quarter sales in its grocery products unit.

I can't say we have been in on the increase in sales for wine. After an attempt to single-handedly prop up the red wine market a couple of months ago, I've haven't bought a bottle. Chocolate on the other hand has been a staple for years and has seen increased purchase by my family. And last month I bought a can of SPAM. Made grilled SPAM and cheese sandwiches. Yum.

Great photo.

Analysis: Democrats' security feud may cost them

Democrats just can't seem to get on the same page on national security — and it could cost them dearly on an issue Republicans have dominated for decades.

Increasingly, President Barack Obama and Democrats who run Congress are being pulled between the competing interests of party liberals and the rest of the country on Bush-era wartime matters of torture, detention and interrogation of suspected terrorists.

When I first heard the story of Pelosi and the "what did she know and when" story, I thought, "who cares, so they caught a politician in another lie". But it seems it will hold on as a story for another week. They will forget all about this story when election time comes.

Slow posts

I've been really busy lately. Sorry for days without posts. I will try to get you more posts next week. Thanks for checking back with us so often.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Go get yourself some cheap sunglasses

Two U.S. ophthalmologists say wearing protective sunglasses helps preserve eye health.

Dr. Donald J. D'Amico and Dr. Stephen Trokel, both of the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, warn overexposure to the sun can not only cause skin cancer of the eyelids, but cornea sunburn and vision-blocking tissue growth. It has also been implicated in the development of cataracts and, possibly, macular degeneration.

Considering I just came from a doctor's appointment with the dread eyeball problem I couldn't even pronounce yet spell, you should heed this advice. My doctor's solution for me...wear sunglasses....a lot. I take them off when I go to bed. Mostly because I can't see the TV and when I fall asleep and roll over it hurts my nose. Actually I try to wear them when ever I'm outside.

Was Posh Spice the best these guys could do for a picture?

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Waxman-Markey Bill wants you live as if you are in Haiti

What, the old DeLorean is up on cinder blocks in the front yard again? In that case you can test drive Waxman-Markey by sailing down to Haiti, because current CO2 emissions are where Waxman-Markey wants America's to be in 2050. Radical environmentalists think such a CO2 level will be heaven on Earth, but the place that has actually achieved it is a nation swimming in bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A and E, typhoid fever, dengue fever and malaria, with 47 percent illiteracy and a life expectancy of 49 years. So excuse me if I remain unconvinced.

Just why anyone beyond reliably liberal politicians and environmental activists would support cap-and-trade is getting harder to understand. It is true that some utility companies that used to be suspicious now embrace it, but probably only so long as they get their free emissions permits.

Others say the bill is only alive because the Obama administration needs the revenues produced by cap-and-trade to pay for its broad expansion of government. The revenue impact is between $646 billion and $2 trillion over the next 10 years, but the longer the legislation lies out in the sun, the less appetizing it becomes.

Now even Democrats are getting concerned that it will damage their districts. One Democrat on the Energy and Commerce Committee put it this way in a question to former Vice President Al Gore: "What do I tell a single parent, for example, in my district with two children, two young children, making $8 an hour? What can I say to reassure her that she will be able to afford the cost of this legislation?" The vice president didn't know, and neither does anybody else.

Protozoal diarrhea FTW! So how would you like to live in your current home without electricity? Think about the electrical devices you will now have to do without or pay heavily for. What did you think of first? Your television? Your computer? How about your refrigerator or your freezer? Mark my words: "cap-and-trade" will be come a congressionally investigated screw up at some point in the future if this crap is enacted. Some one will find a way to make millions and millions dollars of unregulated money from this and it won't save a single ton of emissions due to some loop-pole they write in to the bill. And of course who are they making the money off of? Why you and I of course in the form of high costs for utilities. Dirty, dirty utilities.