Friday, February 6, 2009

Pilot Makes Porn Tape As He Flies Over San Diego

"Our safety office in San Diego is aware of the video and we're in the process of obtaining the video and we're going to investigate the behavior that is depicted on the vide," FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said.

Investigate...uh yeah.

Blake History Month for sure

So do you really think they are celebrating Blake History month?

So which Blake are they celebrating?
My bet is on Blake Griffin.

He's half black so maybe that's why the traditionally Black College in Oklahoma is celebrating him. Who knows.

Update: The link has been corrected. It was up nearly 2 hours like that screen cap.

Would You Give Back Your Tax Return?

OKLAHOMA CITY -- State Senator Cliff Branan is asking willing Oklahomans to give their tax return back to the state.

There's a good chance you're probably shaking your head thinking there's no way you would give up your tax return. But Senator Branan said there are people who would, and that's who his bill is aimed at.

You damn right I'm shaking my head saying no. If you saw the crap the legislature spend money on this last year you'd say no as well. We have had record state revenues over the past 3 years. And those idiots down there still managed to pork up every bill, while the state employees haven't seen a cost of living raise in over five years, roads and bridges still go unrepaired and dollar after dollar pour into the education coffers while the quality of education remains the same (ranked 46th or 47th nationally).

So if your state is asking for tax refunds back I'd advise you to look at what your legislators have been doing before you blindly send your OVER PAID taxes back to them to waste on pork projects for their politically connected friends.

Meet the new Tesla: Marin Soljacic

Wireless Electricity Is Here (Seriously)
By Paul Hochman, Fast Company

I'm standing next to a Croatian-born American genius in a half-empty office in Watertown, Mass., and I'm about to be fried to a crisp. Or I'm about to witness the greatest advance in electrical science in a hundred years. Maybe both.
"Don't worry," says the MIT assistant professor and a 2008 MacArthur genius-grant winner, Marin Soljacic (pronounced SOLE-ya-cheech), who designed the box he's about to turn on. "You will be OK."

We both shift our gaze to an unplugged Toshiba television set sitting 5 feet away on a folding table. He's got to be kidding: There is no power cord attached to it. It's off. Dark. Silent. "You ready?" he asks.

If Soljacic is correct -- if his free-range electrons can power up this untethered TV from across a room -- he will have performed a feat of physics so subtle and so profound it could change the world. It could also make him a billionaire. I hold my breath and cover my crotch. Soljacic flips the switch.

It's a 3 page story, so click here to read the full story it's really exciting and a huge advancement for the world. If he can make this work on a large scale, the world's energy problems will be solved. I'm hopeful this works out! Highly recommend reading the 3 pages, there are some very exciting advancements in the worlds electronics because of this guy. I like the wireless cell phoen charger.

Facebook: 25 Things I Didn't Want to Know About You

A girl I knew in high school has memorized all of Janet Jackson's dance routines. A college acquaintance is afraid of train whistles. Five separate people harbor lifelong desires to visit New Zealand. How do I know these things? Because they won't stop writing about them on Facebook!

I filled out a 25 Random Things Note on Facebook.
I think the best one I wrote was, "The tines of the forks I use have to be straight."
to which my friend Frank wrote in his 25, "After nearly 30 years, I still love bending the tines in Eric's forks".

Furlough Fridays begin for California state workers

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – More than 200,000 state government employees were expected to stay home without pay Friday as California began its first-ever furlough, a move intended to save money during an ongoing fiscal crisis.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered the two-day-a-month furloughs, reducing the average state worker's salary by 9.2 percent, as he and lawmakers try to solve the state's $42 billion budget shortfall.

Oklahoma has not started furlough days yet. But the maintenance workers did remove about half the light bulbs in the buildings in the state office mall. Funny thing about that is the bulbs removed in 2001 had finally been reinstalled in 2006. Oklahoma State employees had 4 days of furlough in 2001 to make it through that tough budget year.

DOH! Put that in your bong and smoke it.

Olympic hero Michael Phelps was suspended from competitive swimming for three months on Thursday -- just hours after one of his sponsors announced it would not renew his contract after a photo surfaced of him smoking from a bong.

USA Swimming, the nation's governing body for competitive swimming, said it was withdrawing financial support for Phelps and barring him from competition during the period of his "reprimand."

"This is not a situation where any anti-doping rule was violated, but we decided to send a strong message to Michael because he disappointed so many people, particularly the hundreds of thousands of USA Swimming-member kids who look up to him as a role model and a hero," they said in a statement.

"Michael has voluntarily accepted this reprimand and has committed to earn back our trust," the statement continued.

Earlier Thursday, Kellogg Co. said it will not renew Phelps' advertising contract.

"Michael's most recent behavior is not consistent with the image of Kellogg," company spokeswoman Susanne Norwitz said. "His contract expires at the end of February, and we have made a decision not to extend his contract."


Phelps is one of 12 Olympic athletes who pledged to "My Victory," an initiative launched last year by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency aimed at keeping competitive sports clean.
Full story here.

Oops! What a dumbass, you are a swimmer and you had a sponsor, that paid you good money, and ya went and screwed it up. When will these kids learn...
At least it was just marijuana and not roids.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Woot! our first follower

Okay our first REAL follower has signed up.
Welcome Sally. You are the first sucker AWESOMEST. Sally is one of the bestest humans I know. Seriously. No really. She's the cat's meow, the bee's knees, smell of napalm in the morning.

As I said before, you won't have to drink any kool-aid to follow DDDN. We aren't actually leading anyone anywhere so "following" is sort of a misnomer. Fans would be a better description. Maybe it was already trademarked, who knows.

Anyway, to our other readers...join up....what you afraid of? Okay other than Zombies, what are you afraid of?

Everyone Agrees: Women Are Hard to Read

A new study backs up what men have said all along: Women are difficult to read. And the women agree.

Researchers at Indiana University showed video clips from 24 different speed dates and asked male and female participants two simple questions: "Do you think the man was interested in this woman?" and "Do you think the woman was interested in this man?" Their answers were then compared with the responses of the speed daters themselves.

"Being coy forces the men to spend more time interacting with the woman, because they are unsure if they have successfully courted her," Place said. "Therefore, the woman has more time to gather information about her date."

Are you serious? I'm pretty sure research like this could be written by 6th graders. Remembering my dating days, it's any wonder I ever settled on a woman to marry.

The number one thing men wish women wouldn't do when I was still dating was called, game playing. Saying one thing and meaning another, or flat out doing something completely opposite of what was expected, "just to find out what he would do".

It doesn't have to be that hard to find a mate.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

War vet pulls 13 of his teeth out

A BRITISH Gulf War veteran pulled out 13 of his teeth with pliers when he could not find an NHS dentist.

TA soldier Ian Boynton could not afford to go private for treatment after suffering with excruciating toothache since 2006.

He said: “I’ve tried to get in at 30 dentists over the last eight years but have never been able to find one to take on NHS patients.

As I've said before, when Nationalized Health Care hits the U.S A. a lot of private practice doctors will not take patients when the public system they belong to pays less than the market will bare for the services on the private system. And they will also be hesitant to take the patients if the system is slow to pay.

Mind you critics, I didn't say it would be better or worse, I'm just stating something I believe to be a fact.

NO Way!

Hot for Teacher, Maryland Style

Carole Leigh Mayers, 41, a music teacher at Salisbury Christian School in Salisbury, Maryland has been arrested on sex offense charges in case alleging a former student was victimized.

Here's a twist for her defense.
The motion (also) argues that the victim, now 17 years old, is mature based on a number of factors including the fact that he has a 21-year-old girlfriend who he has had an ongoing sexual relationship with for more than two years.

His girlfriend, according to the court document, lives with him and his mother.

The motion goes on to state that the victim, before he dropped out of school, publicly admitted to being voluntarily sexually active and using illegal drugs since he was 12 years old.

It also states the victim has admitted to being a pornography addict.
Well then, she can't possibly be guilty of having sex with a minor...wait...he's still a minor right?

Critics decry drug charges against HISD teachers

More than a dozen Houston school district employees are getting a lesson in the zero-tolerance policies typically applied to students as they await court hearings on drug charges that could land them in jail.

While most of the teachers are charged with possessing pot in their cars at school, a few face time behind bars after police said they found unauthorized prescription drugs in their vehicles.

Some of the charges, particularly those involving prescription pills, are drawing criticism from lawyers, parents and teachers who say the Houston Independent School District and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office need a lesson in discretion.

Norm Uhl, (Seriously? Norm-al, your parents were real comedians there) an HISD spokesman, said the district is treating employees as it would students — arresting them for having drugs on campus and leaving it up to prosecutors to file charges.

How about that? The district suspends a kid for a semester for having a couple of Advil in his locker and have the balls to complain that the district is unfair in it's searches. Boo fuggin' hooo.

It started with a video game

Lacey Proctor, a 20-year-old massage therapy student, "reported that she was assaulted tonight (Monday) by her former live-in boyfriend, Isac Pettinger.

"Proctor said she became frustrated with Pettinger as he would not stop playing video games. Proctor said she stood in front of Pettinger, blocking his view of the screen. At that point Pettinger's video game character died and he became very angry."

Wait...this guy has a message therapy student girl friend and he still has time to play computer games? I think I would punch him in the face if I was his best friend.

Funny guy, maybe not so much

Dr Kenneth Hines, 65, asked a female patient if she was cheating on her husband and joked to another about pretending to be in a pornographic film, it was claimed.

The first woman, Ms C was told to "wait until she left the surgery", when she asked whether it was safe to start trying for a baby after a miscarriage, and was later advised it was acceptable as long as she did not "pretend she was in a porn movie and swing from the chandeliers", it was alleged.

Wocka Wocka Wocka
You have to have a pretty special relationship with a patient to "joke around". I'm going to guess that he didn't have that relationship with these patients.

Irony is sometimes ironic

A lesbian couple who led the fight for gay marriage in Massachusetts has filed for divorce. Julie and Hillary Goodridge were among seven gay couples who filed a lawsuit that led to a court ruling making Massachusetts the first state to legalize same-sex marriages in 2004.

Wow their marriage last a whole 2 years. Good work.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Squash Anyone? Hell Yeah, use my Tax Dollars to...

JPMorgan, AmEx Sponsor New York Squash Tournament Amid $28B Bailout...

Talk about squashing consumer confidence.

Despite receiving $28.4 billion in federal taxpayer bailout funds, JPMorgan Chase and American Express sponsored a weeklong professional squash tournament in New York last month at the same time lawmakers were denouncing wasteful Wall Street spending.

The weeklong event — the Tournament of Champions — was held Jan. 23-29 at Grand Central Terminal and sold roughly 4,500 tickets. The tournament's see-through court attracted thousands more passers-by and commuters who caught a glimpse of one of the "world's premier squash championships," according to tournament director John Nimick.


Representatives at JPMorgan Chase declined to specify exactly how much it spent on the sponsorship, but a source close to the matter said it was roughly $100,000.
"We're being vigilant to all costs, sponsorships included," JPMorgan Chase spokesman Brian Marchiony told "We constantly evaluate events as they come up for renewal."

Vigilant my ass!!! What the hell! When is something going to be done about these banks and this bailout money! Glad to see all my tax dollars are going for a good cause and helping fix the economy. Hey Washington, you want to know why Middle America, the backbone of this country isn't spending their money and saving it??? BECAUSE THEY ARE FEARFUL OF THEIR JOBS AND LOSING THEIR HOUSES! Oh yeah and good job trying to blame them for the weak economy for not racking up more debt and spending their money, because you know they just want to make sure they have food to eat and a roof over their head, silly middle class.
Then they see crap like this, where their hard earned tax dollars are being spent on a stupid sports event by a bank who just begged for money because they were going to have to lay people off and close their doors cause they didn't have enough...
$100,000 dollars for a squash tournament, yet they lay employees off and foreclose houses daily..way to hold them accountable!

I made it orange this time, cause this really pisses me off.

All your base are belong to us! $9 million anyway...

Hackers orchestrated a highly coordinated, global attack on ATM cards involving the theft of a staggering $9 million from bank customers — and they could strike again, according to an investigation by the FBI...

The FBI said it uncovered the plot and is investigating. The alleged hackers are still at large and could orchestrate another attack.

In a matter of hours, thieves struck ATMs from 49 different cities — including New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Moscow and Montreal — just after 8 p.m. EST on Nov. 8, according to the FBI.

Part of the heist was caught on security camera images obtained by the TV station. The photos show people the FBI calls "cashers" — low-level participants in the plot who allegedly used bogus ATM cards with stolen information — at the machines.

The scheme worked as follows: Plotters hacked into a computer system for a company called RBS WorldPay, which allows employers to transfer workers' pay directly to a payroll card.

The scam artists were then able to infiltrate the system and steal personal data needed to make duplicate ATM cards.

See, what I tell ya, the Zombies and Raptors was a test for something bigger. Hackers are good at what they do. Hopefully your account wasn't one of the accounts hit. Hackers are one of the most organized groups on the planet and they stick together. The picture is one of the hackers caught on the security camera using the fake card.

What's your type?

TOKYO — In Japan, "What's your type?" is much more than small talk; it can be a paramount question in everything from matchmaking to getting a job.

As defined by the books,
Type A's are sensitive perfectionists but overanxious;
Type B's are cheerful but eccentric and selfish;
Type O's are curious, generous but stubborn; and
Type AB's are arty but mysterious and unpredictable.

Hey, I'm a B and that is pretty much dead on. Just ask my wife.

Here's some more on the subject.

What's your sign type baby?


Coolest dad ever builds a 200 foot sled luge every year in his backyard.

My dad wouldn't even pull us behind the car sitting on a car hood let alone build a luge in our yard.

Never heard of car hood sledding? You haven't lived or more accurately "known life" until you have been pulled behind a 1978 Chevy Impala at 45 mph on snow and ice covered dirt roads by your drunk classmates. Maybe it's a redneck thing.

Finding a good picture of car hood sledding was a pretty disappointing affair.

SkyNet anyone?

A supercomputer with the processing power of two million laptops is to be built by IBM for the US government to help manage its nuclear arsenal.

IBM announced it was developing the technology for its "Sequoia" system, which will be easily the fastest computer on the planet, with delivery to the Department of Energy (DOE) scheduled in 2011.

Am I the only one who thinks all this is a bit much?
Now if you were to put this thing to a proper use like maybe a Battlefield 1942 Server with 1024 player capability I could see building it.

"The Streak" came to an end last night

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- Pat Summitt walked off the court still stuck on 999 wins. Courtney Paris bounded away with tears of joy despite her remarkable double-double streak coming to an end.

Paris had gotten a double-double in an NCAA-record 112 straight games before coming up just short against Tennessee (No. 15 ESPN/USA Today, No. 12 AP). Whitney Hand matched her career high with 20 points to help second-ranked Oklahoma beat the Lady Vols 80-70 on Monday night for the Sooners' 15th straight victory.

So if Courtney has the record who is second place and how long will this record stand?
The player with the second most double-doubles has 19 and is now coaching. There is still an active player behind her in third with 16.

Courtney may be the most dominating player in the woman's game, ever.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Obama logos anyone?

Has anyone else noticed the proliferation of Obama logo look alikes?
It was brought up several times at a Super Bowl party I attended last night. Pepsi has released their new logo and wow...can you say rip off?

It's getting a lot of comments on the Blogosphere as well. (Did I just seriously type blogosphere? Dear God take me now.)

So I have been looking around and the logo is getting a lot of play. Here are some examples.

Face San Diego

Light CMS

I can't find it now but yesterday I saw a logo for a car company that had copied the Obama logo. It had the right and white stripes low and a blue field with a small white star in the sky. I'll keep looking.

I'm not here to say who had what before who. I don't really care. It's just an interesting design phenomenon to me. So look for a new Devil Dog's Daily News logo in the near future.
Is it flattery or just a simple rip off?

6 more weeks!

The world's most famous groundhog saw his shadow Monday morning, predicting that this already long winter will last for six more weeks.

Punxsutawney Phil emerged just after dawn in front of an estimated 13,000 witnesses, many dressed in black and gold to celebrate the Pittsburgh Steelers' Super Bowl victory the night before.

"There's significant buzz from the Steelers win and quite a few Terrible Towels floating from the crowd," said Mickey Rowley, deputy secretary for tourism in Pennsylvania.

The annual ritual takes place on Gobbler's Knob, a tiny hill in Punxsutawney, a borough of about 6,100 residents some 65 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

According to German superstition, if a hibernating animal casts a shadow on Feb. 2 — the Christian holiday of Candlemas — winter will last another six weeks. If no shadow is seen, legend says, spring will come early.

Since 1887, Phil has seen his shadow 97 times, hasn't seen it 15 times, and there are no records for nine years, according to the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club.

Some one kill that damn ground hog! 6 more weeks, you asshole, stop seeing your shadow! This winter needs to end!

First Zombies, now this...the world is ending!

Someone apparently hacked into an electronic road sign in Hamilton County Monday morning, prompting stares and giggles from motorists because of the message the sign displayed.The sign, which read "Raptors Ahead Caution," amused motorists in a construction zone on Keystone Avenue, just north of 116th Street.

The odd road sign in Indiana came days after a widely publicized highway road sign message near the University of Texas that warned motorists "Caution! Zombies Ahead!" and "Nazi Zombies! Run!!!"

OMG the world is ending...ok panic mode off, ok the hackers are bored people, if ignore them, they can go back to creating cyber chaos. Seriously though, why is this front page, hell I don't know why I posted it here...maybe I find it funny how the media outlets think this is interesting because you know the economy is in ruins right now, people are killing their families cause they lose their job etc...this is a break in the chaos called life. Either way watch out for hte Raptors!

8 Gold Medals and a Bong... wait what?

Click the image for the full story.

NOTHING could damage Michael Phelps' reputation. Nothing. Except this.

The News of the World in England has published photographs it claims are of the superstar American swimmer smoking marijuana.

According to the paper, Phelps' aides went to great lengths to stop the publication of the pictures. Needless to say, they failed.

"Phelps Goes Bong," was the front-page headline. Inside: "What A Dope." It was accompanied by a shot of the 14-times Olympic gold medallist sucking on a glass pipe. In other words, a bong.


The governing body of swimming, FINA, declined to comment. Recently it announced four-year bans for drug offences.

According to the News of the World, the pictures were taken at a house party at the University of South California that Phelps attended last November because his girlfriend, Jordan Matthews, was there.

"Michael came to visit Jordan but ended up just getting wasted every night," the newspaper quoted a source as saying.

Ok that was a dumbass thing to do. When will these kids learn to no take photos like this. Personally I find nothing wrong with it, it's marajuana (and IMO should be legal, but that's a different debate) and far from a performance enhancing drug, all weed does is enhance your hunger for taco bell late at night. Hopefully this doesn't screw up his career. He did apologize and say he's young and stupid and shouldn't have made the poor decision. We'll see what happens.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Somebody's Super Bowl Champ

In what was the best finish in a really long time the Steelers bring home another Lombardi.

My favorite two commercials.

Alpha Chi Snow Angel

This video has made the rounds with nearly half a million views. If you haven't seen it, now you have. One of my neighbors is also pledging and on this girl's application under hobbies she listed, "sorority" as her only hobby.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

The parodies are even funnier.
The Texas Comforts Oklahoma parody
The Video Response

Have fun with it.