Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There can be only one

Hours earlier, someone had broken into John Pontolillo's house and taken two laptops and a video-game console. Now it was past midnight, and he heard noises coming from the garage out back.

The Johns Hopkins University undergraduate didn't run. He didn't call the police. He grabbed his samurai sword.

With the 3- to 5-foot-long, razor-sharp weapon in hand, police say, Pontolillo crept toward the noise. He noticed a side door in the garage had been pried open. When a man inside lunged at him, police say, the confrontation was fatal.

I guess the police didn't find a Toledo Salamanca in the ensuing investigation.

Here's some
Highlander trivia.

Kurgan says if you liked the soundtrack to the movie it's not available. But Queen did release it as A Kind of Magic in 1986, which I bought as an "import" in 1991.

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Fritz said...

That's what I call Justice! I hope they don't charge the kid,m he was defending his property. Mad skills to chop the guys hand off, and slice him up. lol