Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Everything that is wrong with Hollywood

Universal Pictures has set July 1, 2011, for the release of "Battleship," confirming Peter Berg as helmer of the live-action pic based on Hasbro's naval combat board game.

Deal is part of a two-picture pic pact Berg has made with U, where he'll follow "Battleship" with an Afghan war drama "Lone Survivor."

Berg made something of a quid pro quo pact with the studio to follow "Battleship" with "Lone Survivor," a fact-based story he scripted about a Navy SEAL team that is sent to Afghanistan and is ambushed.
"It was pretty obvious to me they weren't jumping head over heels to make a war film in the Middle East right now," Berg said. "So they said, ‘what if you give us ‘Battleship' for July 2011, and we guarantee you'll follow with ‘Lone Survivor?' I already loved the take we had on ‘Battleship,' so that wasn't a hard deal to make.' "

Other projects percolating for Berg, including "Dune" and "Hancock 2," will come later.

So Universal says, "make this crappy movie and we'll fund you for a 'real movie'"? This is everything that is wrong with Hollywood. Remakes and Sequels. Because you know we couldn't get the funding for an original script with interesting characters and a story perhaps maybe we haven't already seen in 15 previous movies.

If you are trying to figure out how someone would make a movie based on a turn based game, don't bother reading the article it does have any thing remotely talking about the plot of "Battleship". I would have to guess it is a fantasy becoming reality with someone sailing around on a "battleship" while the presumably evil something or other tries to sink them and thus foiling their plans...for something....
I can just see the ending now....
"B4!" says the heroine.
"Oh! you sunk my battleship. Curses." says the bad guy.

Dear Lord when will this crap ever end?

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Fritz said...

lolz....Hollywood is so hurting right now for originality and content...They are remaking Karate Kid now's called Kung Fu Kid, staring Will Smiths son as Daniel Son! oy! /facepalm.