Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let's get it on! South Korea on Alert

SEOUL, South Korea – South Korean and U.S. troops raised their alert Thursday to the highest level since 2006 after North Korea renounced its truce with the allied forces and threatened to strike any ships trying to intercept its vessels.

The move was a sign of heightened tensions on the peninsula following the North's underground nuclear test and its firing of a series of short-range missiles earlier this week.

How much longer is the international community going to put up with this nonsense? Millions of North Koreans are yearning to be free...fed.

Fark Headline:
A look inside North Korea, a nation so backward and brain dead that it makes Arkansas look like the Algonquin Round Table by comparison. Don't feel bad that you didn't understand that reference, Arkansas
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JGJ said...

Every time North Korea wants something, and that is practically all the time, they make threats or do something we consider a "no-no" in order to get concessions. The bigger the no-no, the bigger the concession. We have been paying them off for years in return for promises that they would not build a nuclear weapon, well, we should ask for a refund.
Now that they have created one, they will make some promise that we will accept (for the alternative is a war for which we are not ready to have) in return for some kind of relaxation or donation. If anyone has empowered the N. Koreans into this type of bad dog training behavior it is the U.S. and its allies by continually reinforcing their bad behavior with rewards.
Punish them, don't reward them.

Nick Leitner said...

I am all for aggressive action against North Korea. I think the world would be fine without a North Korea. Lets tear them to shreds boys! I am for the complete inhalation of North Korea and its peoples. A decade from now... no one will care, and the world will be a safer, better place.