Monday, May 18, 2009

Biden Reveals Location of Secret VP Bunker

Vice President Joe Biden, well-known for his verbal gaffes, may have finally outdone himself, divulging potentially classified information meant to save the life of a sitting vice president.

According to a report, while recently attending the Gridiron Club dinner in Washington, an annual event where powerful politicians and media elite get a chance to cozy up to one another, Biden told his dinnermates about the existence of a secret bunker under the old U.S. Naval Observatory, which is now the home of the vice president.

I wonder if we could get him to give us some launch codes or perhaps the encryption key to some sensitive documents if we invited him to donuts and coffee at a locksmith's shop?

Mark my words, he will not be the vice president on the second Obama ticket.

Good work Joe.

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Fritz said...

Damn and I thought Quayle was a dumbass.