Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Staff meeting a huge success

Fritz and I had a great time today. We had a great lunch, Lido (Vietnamese), and had a fun time in Norman.

My wife and I drove around town and gave him a show and tell of the historical places in Norman town. We even checked out one of the disc golf course behind our house. We had a great dinner, too at the Service Station.

He is off to that awful Tulsa town tomorrow and Thursday. I hope the Turner Turnpike is not a pain in the ass like usual.

It was good to see him and it made me realize how much I miss his company.


Fritz said...

w00t. Had a great time with Eric and Janie. It was awesome hanging out and catching up. Thanks for showing me around Norman, you guys have an awesome town.

OkieRover said...

Thanks buddy. It was great having you here.