Friday, February 6, 2009

Would You Give Back Your Tax Return?

OKLAHOMA CITY -- State Senator Cliff Branan is asking willing Oklahomans to give their tax return back to the state.

There's a good chance you're probably shaking your head thinking there's no way you would give up your tax return. But Senator Branan said there are people who would, and that's who his bill is aimed at.

You damn right I'm shaking my head saying no. If you saw the crap the legislature spend money on this last year you'd say no as well. We have had record state revenues over the past 3 years. And those idiots down there still managed to pork up every bill, while the state employees haven't seen a cost of living raise in over five years, roads and bridges still go unrepaired and dollar after dollar pour into the education coffers while the quality of education remains the same (ranked 46th or 47th nationally).

So if your state is asking for tax refunds back I'd advise you to look at what your legislators have been doing before you blindly send your OVER PAID taxes back to them to waste on pork projects for their politically connected friends.

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Fritz said...

Umm, yeah I'm gonna have to say HELL NO! They already f'd up this whole bank bail out, you aren't going to get any of my tax refund! Plus I'm buying bunk bed's for my kids, a piano for my daughter, some educational video games for my son and maybe a little fun money to just spend and help the economy a little bit.