Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WWII Veteran Freezes To Death In Own Home

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The Michigan Attorney General's Office is reviewing the case of a 93-year-old man who died of hypothermia after a municipal power company restricted his electricity use.

The temperature inside Schur's house was below 32 degrees and the water in the kitchen sink had frozen, said Dr. Kanu Virani, the Oakland County deputy chief medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Schur, a World War II veteran.

Virani said he believes Schur died a slow, painful death.

"He probably had a lot of burning pain in his fingers and toes. Gradually his body gave out," he said. "It takes many, many hours to come to the end."

Schur, who had no children, owed more than $1,000 to Bay City Electric Light & Power, the city's municipal power company, City Manager Robert Belleman told The Associated Press Monday. Schur's wife, a retired school teacher, died several years ago.

WTH?!?!? You limit a persons power in the middle of winter? I don't know what to say about this. It's absolutely disgusting that a person who fought his ass off for our freedoms died this way. You'd think that the power company could have talked to him and let him know what was going on and offer to help him with a payment plan or something, considering they make 25 million dollars per quarter profit. What a disgrace. IMO Bay City Electric Light & Power murdered this man. I hope someone get's fired for this. I dont' care how much you owe, no one should have their power turned off/limited in cold winter months, especially a 93 year old living in Michigan.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry...where was this Family that so loved him and knew stuff was going on different w/ him? Let's talk morals all the way, "Where was his Family?

Anonymous said...

We know the power co is at fault in this nightmare..but I also blame the people living right next door or across the street or with-in walking of his home...

How many times did one of these neighbors knock on his door and ask if he was Ok..or if they could do anything for him..or go get him

His nephew hasnt talked to him for over a year...thats 'OUTRAGIOUS' ''I HOPE HIS UNCLE DIDNT LEAVE HIM ANYTHING IN HIS WILL''


Anonymous said...

You who blame his family have never walked in the family's shoes!
My 96-year old mother hid from me that she was not eating properly or cooking her meals. Every Wednesday when I would go to take her to get groceries, she would have the skillet on the stove, breakfast dishes in the sink, and everything would look as if she had fixed her breakfast. Members of her Sunday School class knew she was no longer cooking her meals, but she kept it from me because she feared she would have to go to assisted living. My husband is in his seventies and I am in my sixties. We both have our own health problems. Consider that people in their nineties have elderly children with their own struggles. Plus, many times the elderly hide things from their families until it is almost too late. I called my Mom twice a day and made many trips to her house when I could not get her. Sometimes, she was asleep and did not hear the phone. She had lost her hearing and hearing aids did not help. Doctor advised against getting her another set. He said nothing would help her hearing loss. Other times she would be lying in the floor and could not get up. We had one of those pendants for her to use, but she could not or would not use it. The last time she was in the floor, she swore to me that it did not work, but I pushed it and it dialed right away. She threatened. many times, to get someone else to manage her affairs if I put her in assisted living. We all know there are plenty of people who are willing to "help" the elderly empty their savings. I did the best I could until the day she had her stroke and had to be placed in a home. The elderly in many neighborhoods cannot trust their neighbors and many do not even know their neighbors. Before you judge families, walk in their shoes for a while. My husband and I have not been able to take vacations or do anything since he retired in 1992 because we have to stay close to my mother. She controls us by getting sick if we try to take a few days away even now that she is in assisted living.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous who said "You who blame his family have never walked in the family's shoes!"

You are mistaken! The family of this veteran was indifferent, and ought to bare some responsibility. No one is denying that the elderly can be 'difficult'. The point is simply this; it's not the power companies place to call their customers twice a day, or stop by to make sure everything is OK - it's the family's place. You called your mother regularly, and you visited when you could - alas she eventually passed; this is inevitable. What is good in this world is that you where there for your mother as much as you could be. This man's family had not spoken to him in a year and thought little of it; that is the problem.

Fritz said...

His family was dead. He out lived all his family if you read the complete article. He also had all the bills on the table ready to pay, but no one from the power company bothered to call him and make sure he was making arrangements to pay.
Here in Colorado it's against the law for the energy utilities to shut off power during the winter months and they are required to make sure elderly couples and families with children have power during the cold months. Apparently the city in Michigan doesn't, and doesn't seem to care.
Old people are crafty and want to prove they can live independently. The neighbors next door had no idea he was struggling with making his utility payment, they visited him often, in fact they were the ones that found him when they went over to see how he was doing. The power company is the only one to blame in this instance.

Anonymous said...

The neighbors found this man dead..
but they damned sure didnt check on him everyday..with 4 layers of clothes on at 32 degrees would only take 15 hours to kill without when somebody says the neighbors checked on this man often
what does that mean once a ''MONTH''?????