Thursday, January 22, 2009

This really sucks

A 20-YEAR-OLD model who was a finalist to represent Brazil in the Miss World contest has had her hands and feet amputated after contracting a severe urinary infection, media reports said today.

Mariana Bridi da Costa was sedated in a hospital in Serra, in the southeastern state of Espirito Santo, and on artificial respiration following the procedures, according to several newspapers.

Lets hope she gets the treatment and care that will save her life.


Heather said...

WTF! What the hell kind of UTI causes a person to lose their limbs? As a woman, I have had more than my share of UTI's and guess what? I still have my limbs. I would be curious to find out if the loss of limbs was due to the UTI or due to a staff infection from her original "treatment" in hospital.

Heather said...

Unfortunately, I was correct. She was misdiagnosed with friggin kidney stones and mistreated so a simple UTI turned into septicemia and she died. I realize that this did not happen in the U.S., however, with our current healthcare system the way it is and having to run people in and out of the office as quickly as possible, it could happen here just as easily. I'm not saying that I know the answer, just that it is infuriating and it needs to be fixed!