Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Psst! Want to join MI6?

SIS, popularly known as MI6, Britain's foreign intelligence service, which this year celebrates its 100th birthday, has tiptoed into the modern world. Faced with the threat of Islamist terrorism, it has had to cast its net wider than the cloisters of Oxbridge and a few other favoured universities to find recruits who look the part. That increasingly means people from the ethnic minorities.

The FBI and CIA are also on the recruiting binge. It is becoming an increasingly difficult thing to keep up with the fanatical religious extremists who are bend on the destruction of the infidels of the "west".

G-Men (and women) Wanted

Spies Like Us
Not the movie. I bet you thought I was going to link this picture...silly boys.

According to the Cinema Blend website Warner Brothers is going to REMAKE Spies Like Us. It's sure to suck. Hollywood is totally out of ideas.

Editor's note: I was informed yesterday that DDDN offically has TWO female readers.
How about that?
So the pic goes out to "the ladies".
You both know who you are.
Get well Sally. Heather....get back to makin' your kids smarter than their dad.

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