Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fark headline: Kiwi survives nine days stranded in Shania Twain's bush. That don't impress me much

A HELICOPTER has rescued a lone Adelaide hiker who survived nine days in a hut in rugged New Zealand bush country on just muesli bars and Weetbix. A search and rescue crew picked up the woman who began a solo hike near the South Island town of Wanaka last week but soon realised she was not sufficiently well equipped or fit enough for the trek.

She made it to a hut on the trail - known as the Shania Twain track as it crosses land owned by the Canadian singer and has been largely funded by her.

She managed to survive for 9 days the bush. I think I could last longer. Actually I'm certain of it.

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Fritz said...

Great pic!
But that's nothing. There was a story earlier about a lady who disappeared 12 years ago, and they just found her alive. Apparently she's been living on the land in the forest with an umbrella and a tarp as her only shelter.
I'll find the story.