Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Can he do what he promised?

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Julian E. Zelizer.

PRINCETON, New Jersey (CNN) -- Many Americans are expecting big things from President Barack Obama.

The president-elect ran as the candidate of change, promising to transform the status quo in Washington and to empower citizens to take back their government.

During his speeches in the final week of the campaign, Obama said to his supporters that together, "we will change this country. We will change the world."

Those are some pretty big promises. Unfortunately for Obama, most presidents since WWII have suffered from the freshmen blues in their first year in the White House.

We'll see if anything he promised can be done. He has promised the Blue Dog Democrats in Congress that any new spending would come from cuts in programs or new taxes. He promised the American public that 96% would get a tax cut.
So where is the money coming from?

Illegal contributions

There are two Brits loose in the room and the one named Eddie Izzard donated to Obama's campaign. Ummmm...Eddie that's against the law.

I wonder how many other foreign nationals donated to the candidates? I wonder if anyone will make them give back the money?

Facebook pwns again

Caitlin Davis now holds the title of former New England Patriots cheerleader. The 18-year old Foxboro High School grad was dropped from the Patriots' cheerleading squad after Deadspin publicized pictures from her Facebook profile of her drawing penises and swastikas on her passed out friend.

Another fine example of a young person failing to understand what is expected in the adult world. I think they should work on their art work. Those are poor representations of the male member.

Hey you don't see that everyday

LONDON, Ont. -- Sixty-three years after the Second World War, John Ready had another reminder of the wound he suffered three days before the war ended.

A small piece of shrapnel -- bits of metal from an explosive device -- popped out of the retired London sergeant's face this summer.

It looked and felt like a pimple, then the tiny piece of metal surfaced, finally leaving his body.

I wish I had a hundred dollars for everytime this happened to me. Yeah, okay I'd still be broke but you never know.

Monday, November 3, 2008


What did you expect when you bring one of the top 5 passing offenses against the 106th ranked pass defense?
Well I'll tell ya...You get a bunch of unhappy Longhorns and a long flight home.

Auto industry takin' it on the chin

DETROIT – U.S. auto sales dropped to their lowest level in more than 17 years last month as consumers frightened by Wall Street turmoil stayed away from showrooms, prompting some auto company executives to predict dire consequences if the market doesn't improve.

There is a new sheriff in town, and his name is Imanot Buyin Newcars. The American consumer has been taken for a ride by the oil industry and by the auto industry. It was a drive down a dark street in a bad part of town. The American consumer is going to come out of this recession, smarter, wiser, and with a less is more attitude. We won't invest the same way we used to and we won't be buying things we don't absolutely need. If the American auto industry wants to earn back our business they will need to give us smarter options with their models.

Halloween is the greatest holiday by far

John Legend and his girlfriend Chrissy Teigen arrive for the Pur Jeans Halloween Bash in Los Angeles, Friday, Oct. 31, 2008.

I love Halloween. Who the hell is John Legend?

Nevermind safe travel

Pakistani Sunni Muslims devotees return back to their homes on a packed train after attending annual religious congregation in Multan, Pakistan, Sunday, Nov 2, 2008. Hundreds of thousands of Sunni Muslims devotees from all over the country took part in three-day congregation which concluded Sunday in Multan.

I cannot believe they let these people ride the train like that. Is it any surprise that when one of these trains derails it kills hundreds of people? I wonder what they charged the guys on the outside for a ticket?