Thursday, September 11, 2008

Russia sends warplanes on Venezuela training mission

Two Russian strategic bombers have landed in Venezuela as part of military manoeuvres, the Interfax news agency reported today, at a time when US-Russian relations are at their most strained since the cold war.
Interfax cited a Russian defense ministry statement as saying the two Tu-160 strategic bombers landed today to carry out training flights over neutral waters in the next few days before returning to Russia.
Since we know they landed there, we can assume the bombers are not stealthy. Thusly they are little threat to us.
They look so high-tech futuristic 1960s.

Satellite shows second North Korea missile site

WASHINGTON - North Korea has quietly built a long-range missile base that is larger and more capable than an older and well-known launch pad for intercontinental ballistic missiles, according to independent analysts relying on new satellite images of the site and other data. Analysts provided images of the previously secret site to The Associated Press.
When do we get tired of their lies? When do we just stop 'normalizing' relations and start pressuring the world to exclude them entirely?
You can see in the image that the State Farm Insurance Hurricane is stalled over Cuba.

Student selling her virginity to go to grad school

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) A Sacramento State grad is trying to make money the old fashioned way, by auctioning off her virginity to help pay for her graduate studies. And so far, bidding is up to $250,000.
The auction will take place at the Bunny Ranch. Owner Dennis Hof says Dylan is a bright, beautiful young woman who's going to consider a number of factors in her decision because she wants her first time to be a positive experience. "Natalie is a very smart girl. All she wants to do is get her master's degree in family and marriage counseling and be a psychologist.
Ummm. Er...what.the.hell? There's got to be an abusive step-father in there...yep there he is. Good grief. Why doesn't she just work in a strip club like all the other girls?

Video goodness

Fark headline: And the role of Tina Turner will be played by: Texas coastline

Rock me like a hurricane, Ike.
That's a great tagline.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What if the other side won?

"What if the Nazis had won World War II?" is a question every bad sci-fi writer has asked, and probably written a book about, at some point. The truth is there's no limit to all of the weird-ass ways the world would be different if one of the major wars had gone the other way.
We asked you to ponder that, and photoshop the results.
My favorites are #10, #7, and of course #1. That's very funny.

Still want universal health care?

Britain's top obesity surgeon has told Sky News he is considering legal action against the NHS for denying patients an operation that would prolong their lives.
I agree with the submitter on Anyone who could eat that much British food is probably suicidal.
So if you are sure you want universal health care in America, maybe you should review some of the things UHC will not pay for in other countries. With the amount of Baby Boomers preparing to retire in the coming decades and an unlimited list of procedures, the cost of running the program could become more expensive than our national defense.

How we are doing

I thought I'd share with you how the site is doing. Apparently we get a fair amount of readers each day. And this definately warms our hearts here at DDDN studios.
Thank you to all you who take the time to come here and read some news.

Apocalypse now? 30 days when the world didn't end

#28: Feb 12, 2006: Clinton Ortiz claimed on his website that Prince William, whom he suggests is the Antichrist of Revelation, would come to power on this day. He also quotes William’s mother – Diana, Princess of Wales – as having said: "I believe Wills can rebuild Camelot and I will be his Merlin. Together we will return to the chivalry, pageantry, and the glory that was King Arthur's Court. William will remake the Monarchy by showing love, leadership, and compassion."
What can you say about the people and cults that predict these? When it comes, it comes. You should ready yourself everyday.
Anyone who's seen Monty Python's The Meaning of Life knows how to live their life.

So the Hadron Collider didn't end the earth...welcome to the list

The beginning of the first serious experiments using CERN’s Large Hadron Collider this week has given rise to a welter of fanciful scare stories about the obliteration of the Earth by a pocket black hole or a cascade reaction of exotic particles. Similar predictions have been made around the launch of several other particle physics experiments and even the first atomic weapons tests.
Predictions of the world’s end are nothing new though. We’ve picked out 30 of the most memorable apocalypses that never, for one reason or another, quite happened.
I remember some of these. They left a few out.
A comet smashing into the earth is a terribly violent way to go.

Largest particle collider conducts successful test

Scientists hope to eventually send two beams of protons through two tubes about the width of fire hoses, speeding through a vacuum that is colder and emptier than outer space. The paths of these beams will cross, and a few protons will collide. The collider's two largest detectors - essentially huge digital cameras weighing thousands of tons - are capable of taking millions of snapshots a second.
The start of the collider came over the objections of some who feared the collision of protons could eventually imperil the Earth by creating micro-black holes, subatomic versions of collapsed stars whose gravity is so strong they can suck in planets and other stars.
At some level they are trying to find "the God particle". A particle that give mass to all the other particles.
Soooooo I guess.....I have no idea what these guys are doing. Boobies!

If you are ever wondering if the Large Hadron Collider has destroyed the world yet? click here
For your dose of hard core geekdom check out the source code for that page. Pretty a computer nerd sorta way.

Makes you feel kind of insignificant doesn't it?
Souls don't develop because people become distracted. Hey did you see that building there?

Steven F@#%ing Hawking has a C note that they won't find God's Particle.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Poo Flinging Tree Huggers Removed

BERKELEY - As media helicopters hovered overhead, work crews with two "cherry picker" vertical platforms moved into the former live oak grove in front of Memorial Stadium at the University of California, Berkeley this morning and appear to be preparing to remove the four tree sitters remaining in the only surviving redwood tree.
In past attempts to remove them, tree-sitters have hurled buckets of toilet waste at the arborists.
Flinging poo at the cops and tree cutters? That's a felony. Not that these damn dirty hippies will ever want to own a gun or VOTE again. But if they are convicted of assaulting a police officer with bodily waste, they'll just be mouths without votes.

Don't attack pit bulls with lipstick

By Kirsten Powers
YESTERDAY'S Gallup poll had John McCain ahead of Barack Obama by an astonishing 10 points among likely voters. A Washington Post poll had that lead at only two points, but clearly showed a McCain surge - especially among women.
When I heard the Obama camp went after her being a mayor of a small town, I could have told you it was a bad move.
Look at any census. Small towns out number the big ones. By a landslide.
And here's a newsflash. Most small town people don't like people from "the big city".
Sure there may be 8 million people living in New York City. But there are 2.9 million living in Iowa. Every city in Iowa is a small town.
Look at Houston. Population 2,016,582.
The Houston metro area is the America's fastest growing at 5.6 million people. 3.6 million of them from the small towns around Houston.
Look at Oklahoma. The biggest city in the state is Oklahoma City. Arguably the biggest small town in America. Population: just under 550,000.
There are nearly that number of people living within 30 minutes of Oklahoma City in small towns.
Good luck with your plan to make her look like a hic mayor. Seems like lots of people kinda like hic mayors...especially ones with the same problems they have.

Bonus link

You would think the prospect of a woman in the White House as US vice-president - and a working mother to boot - would be welcomed by feminists. Not one bit.
If N.O.W. is against Palin, then I'm for her.

Issues? What are those?

The Sarah Palin Action Figure courtesy of The US vice presidential hopeful's fashion sense is winning applause in an unexpected quarter -- in Japan, where the maker of her rimless glasses is enjoying a sudden boost in business!
Who cares what the candidates say they are going to do? Who has the best pop-culture image out there? That's whats important.
Seriously??? This is worth reporting? So she looks like a hot librarian...does that have any bearing on her position on any issue?

Detroit's Blackmail Attempt Is Beyond Shameless

"The only reason we should bail out any private company is the risk that its demise would wreak havoc on the entire economy. Bear Stearns conceivably passed the test; its collapse could have threatened the U.S. financial system, and the government didn't make the mistake of bailing out shareholders or management."
Word. I was talking to someone just the other day about this. Are the Pension Systems of the Big Three backed by our government? Are they insured by our government?
If they are, we have to help them out or face the added burden of providing for these retired workers with taxpayer money.

Fark headline: Eighty-eight percent of D.C. 8th graders can't read. The other 78 percent can't do math

Washington public schools undergo "radical changes" under a new leader. Will they work?
Heavy sigh.
This is what happens when people expect the government to manage their children's education. Parents! It's YOUR job to do this!
Who holds the school district accountable? YOU DO.

Welcome to the No Fly List, 9 new members to the government's watch list

Arrested as a leader of the RNC Welcoming Committee, Eryn Trimmer was charged with conspiracy to riot, conspiracy to commit civil disorder, conspiracy to damage property and conspiracy to commit riot - 2nd degree furtherance of terrorism.
"It's a man baby!" Austin Powers.
Here's a thought: Let's go to an event uninvited and try to cause trouble.
Even Better: Hey let's go to the event of the people who organized and invented the Terrorist Watch List and cause trouble.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Thunder Dance Team Tryouts!!!111

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City's new NBA team began their search to find a dance team for the courtside. Nearly 200 women showed up Sunday to learn several hundred steps in only a matter of minutes.

With video goodness on the link. (their embed code was crap) I'm sure the video guys fought over that assignment.

Riane, #68 representin' for the brunettes and the healthy blonde (#178) in the pink top FTW!!!111 I could tell from the video they are VERY talented dancers. Yeah, dancers.
More video here and here. The other two weak TV channels did have video up at the time of this post.

Who ever said I wasn't a NAB fan, BNA fan? anb? whatever the letters are. Indepth reporting...that's what we are famous for.

Pinellas Deputies: Victim Grabs Gun, Shoots Kidnappers

OLDSMAR - After he was forced into the back seat of a car at gunpoint, kidnapping victim Gregory Longley saw his opportunity.
When one of the kidnappers - sitting next to Longley - put his gun on his lap to text-message someone, Longley grabbed the gun and killed him, according to the Pinellas sheriff's office. Longley also shot and wounded another kidnapper sitting in the front passenger seat, the sheriff's office said, and told the driver to stop the car.
Rocket surgeons should not kidnap people.
This could very well be the Dumbass of the Year, except you have to present to receive your award.
I want to personally thank Greg (the kidnap-ee) for cleaning up the gene pool. Prevent Idiocracy Project.

MSNBC says Olbermann, Matthews won't anchor

NEW YORK - MSNBC is replacing Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as co-anchors of political night coverage with David Gregory, and will use the two newsmen as commentators.
This couldn't have happened to two nicer fellows.

Polls, You can't trust them

(Reuters) - Republican John McCain heads into the final stretch of the U.S. presidential campaign with a 4-point lead over Democrat Barack Obama, a USA Today/Gallup poll released on Sunday showed.
The lead was McCain's biggest since January and a turnaround from a USA Today poll taken just before last week's Republican Party convention opened, when the veteran Arizona senator trailed Obama by 7 percentage points.
If 5 or more of these polls say he's ahead, then I'll believe it is likely true. Remember there are just 3 or 4 states in play this year. Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Colorado.

If Gus McCrae supports McCain then I have to support them as well.

Russia to send naval squadron, planes to Venezuela

MOSCOW - Russia said Monday it will send a naval squadron and anti-submarine patrol planes to Venezuela this year for a joint military exercise in the Caribbean, a deployment that comes amid increasingly tense relations with the United States.
Russia's Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko said the exercise was planned before Russia's war last month with Georgia "and it's unrelated to the current political situation and the developments in the Caucasus."
"If this exercise takes place, it won't be directed against interests of any third party," Nesterenko said at a briefing.
We can sink those ships in the Caribbean or the North Sea, makes no difference to the US Navy.
All the more reason the US should stop importing Venezuelan oil. See how much saber rattling he does when his funds dry up.
Pictured with Chavez...yep it's Cindy Sheehan, the famous America hater. If we are so bad Cindy, why don't you move to Venezuela?

U.S. drones kill 16 in missile attack in Pakistan

MIRANSHAH, Pakistan (Reuters) - Missiles fired by U.S. drones killed 16 people, including Pakistani and Afghan Taliban fighters, on Monday in a strike targeting a religious school founded by an old friend of Osama bin Laden, intelligence officials and Pakistani villagers said.
"There were two drones and they fired three missiles," said a resident of Dandi Darpakheil, a village in the North Waziristan tribal region near the Afghan border.
Those drones are flown by Air Force officers who control the drones from a base near Las Vegas. How cool is that?