Friday, September 5, 2008


If I hear one more news idiot refer to Sarah hunting moose, I'm going to go on a rampage.
That's a CARIBOU, not a freaking moose.

Crosstown Clash Update: Norman North 58, Norman 0: Norman North dominates all facets of inter-city rivalry

The Timberwolves got touchdown runs from tailback Beau Blankenship and quarterback Tyler Tettleton to raise the score to 21-0 before six minutes of the first quarter had gone by. Tettleton then hit Bryce Beamer for a 32-yard TD pass, and the T-Wolves had already sealed the deal before the start of the second period.
It wasn't even close. We stayed for every minute of it. Having watched Norman High win 9 straight rivalries in the beginning it is nice to be on the winning side of the scoreboard. This makes three match-ups in a row.
There's a nice photo gallery inside the link. #50 is my daughter's friend Nathan Badger, he's the one who lost his helmet in that photo. He is a Division I recruit with interest from Kansas and the Air Force Academy.
As my son Drew says, "Nathan is a meast."
I think that means he's pretty good.
As I texted Fritz the updates: It was like watching Eskimos club baby seals. And after our 3rd team offense scored, it seemed they were making seal skin coats for everyone in attendance.

Arlington Woman Finds Virgin Mary On Grape

"I thought this stuff just happened to Catholics?" she said. "Mom and I had a laugh about it at first, seeing as how we're Baptists and all and we generally don't expect to see holy people popping up in our foodstuffs."
If this grape had been found by a Catholic, people would already be pilgramaging their way to see it, light a candle.

Fark Headline: Buddhist monk attempts to kill hornets with a torch, is re-introduced to that fickle biatch called karma

TOKYO - A Japanese monk trying to rid his temple of a hornets' nest panicked when the hornets attacked him and dropped a torch, burning his temple to the ground, police said Thursday.
Fickle indeed.

Just my kinda luck

We arrived in the grand reception hall, all marble floors, chandeliers and trendy sofas, and checked in to our room on the fourth floor. It was the perfect spot for a bit of debauchery, with its huge freestanding bath and enormous king-size bed covered in cushions.
He just said: “I’ve heard it all before, madam. We know your type and it’s my job to escort you off the premises.”
How mortifying would that be?
Didn't have a picture of Lucy, the author, for the link.

Good travel gear indeed!
I need to get me one of those chairs.

Why Disasters Are Getting Worse

It is tempting to look at the line-up of storms in the Atlantic (Hanna, Ike, Josephine) and, in the name of everything green, blame climate change for this state of affairs. But there is another inconvenient truth out there: We are getting more vulnerable to weather mostly because of where we live, not just how we live.
I'm pretty sure it's stupid people, but this is another point of view.
More people, more stuff to destroy.

Freak hailstorm turns part of tropical Kenya white

NAIROBI (Reuters) – A huge hailstorm turned parts of central Kenya white, thrilling residents most of whom had never experienced such conditions, officials said on Wednesday.
Hailstorms are usual in some parts of Kenya, which straddles the equator, but the ferocity of the storm in Busara, 255 km (158 miles) northwest of the capital was unprecedented.
"Ice = Civilization." Allie Fox, The Mosquito Coast, 1986.

At least 25 Gustav evacuees banned from shelter

Hurricane Gustav evacuee George Mitchell planned to stay a few nights at a temporary shelter in Oklahoma City after being forced from New Orleans, but those plans were cut short following his arrest on a complaint of public drunkenness.
"Other people have been arrested for fighting, possession of marijuana, vandalism — that type of behavior just will not be tolerated," he said. "We believe the reason we haven't had a whole lot of problems inside the facility is because we have imposed those policies and the troublemakers have not been allowed back in." said Oklahoma City police Sgt. Paco Balderrama.
Good work Paco. We shouldn't take them in the first place. But sure don't have to take their trash.
1700 people, 88 people needed medical care, and 450 prescriptions were written? W.T.F? Do these people not have medical care in Louisiana?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

O.M.G. all that for a freakin' tree?

This is precisely what is wrong with America.
How about getting upset over something that actually matters?
Here are a few suggestions:
  • Malaria
  • World Hunger
  • Child Abuse
  • Why the Chicago Fire defense couldn't stop DC United last week
Seriously folks, it was an old tree, it lived a good life. LET IT GO.

It's Official, It Sucks

I was encouraged to write something about the naming of OKC's new NBA franchise. But everything I wrote was summarized in this post from the guys at Red Dirt Kings.
A basketball IN THE LOGO. Really? This is a weak effort on the part of the graphics team they hired.
go thunder.

Crosstown Rivalry Tonight

Once again it is time for my city's Crosstown Clash (dramatic reverb).
Norman North vs Norman High. The last two contests have gone to Norman North. North has a very strong team this year. Not so much at High. They have a new head coach and a team that is rebuilding after a 4-6 season last year. North is ranked in some state polls as high as number 2 and is "the team to beat" in the western half of the state.
I'll let you know the outcome tomorrow.
Go T-wolves.

Save Second Base

A radioactive tracer that "lights up" cancer hiding inside dense breasts showed promise in its first big test against mammograms, revealing more tumors and giving fewer false alarms, doctors reported Wednesday.
The experimental method – molecular breast imaging, or MBI – would not replace mammograms for women at average risk of the disease.
But it might become an additional tool for higher risk women with a lot of dense tissue that makes tumors hard to spot on mammograms, and it could be done at less cost than an MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging. About one-fourth of women 40 and older have dense breasts.
Advances in modern medicine will help find this evil and eliminate it.
Do your part, support breast cancer research.

Palin delivers star-turning performance at RNC

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Sarah Palin delivered. An embattled vice presidential candidate, a novice on the national stage, the head of a family suffering its "ups and downs," the first-term Alaska governor rocked the GOP convention with a star-turning performance.
Facing down her critics with smiling resolve, Palin took crowd-delighting swipes at Obama and what she called the Washington elite. "Here's a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I'm not going to Washington to seek their good opinion. I'm going to Washington to serve the people of this country," she said.
For being unknown a few months ago, she did a great job, she was very comfortable and seemed very trust worthy.
Watch the news media this week attempt to further smear her record.

Idiocracy, that's why

If it seems like disasters are getting more common, it's because they are. But some disasters do seem to be affecting us worse - and not for the reasons you may think. Floods and storms have led to most of the excess damage. The number of flood and storm disasters has gone up by 7.4% every year in recent decades, according to the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters.
If you haven't seen the movie Idiocracy, you are missing out.
Why do we allow people to live in areas like New Orleans that if 3 or more people sneeze or flush the toilet at the same time a levy might burst. If in fact the oceans are rising and it's a trend that continues you will see many cities in this position. When do we stop bailing them out? When do we stop bilking the taxpayers of America to build ever higher levies? At some point it would be cheaper to buy every person in New Orleans a house of their choice somewhere else.
A review of the movie.
Another review of the movie from England.
At some point we should stop laughing at this and take it seriously.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Caption was: A woman displays her campaign buttons

Uh, yeah. And just imagine that guy gets paid to take pictures. And an editor gets paid to write untruths about the photo. And we get to view the pictures.

Today not much happened so no new news. Sarah Palin speaks tonight and I'll have more on that tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gustav, not so impressive

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – A still-largely deserted New Orleans on Tuesday prepared to take stock of damage from Hurricane Gustav after rebuilt levees appeared to hold off a repeat of the flooding caused by Katrina three years earlier.
Much like the Texxas Jam of 1987, featuring Boston, all the stuff leading up to the feature was awesome. Gustav fails to satisfy.
But don't dispair! Hanna is baring down on er, uh, somewhere and could possibly perhaps maybe be the mother of all storms!!!!111 (dramatic reverb)
Or it could just be like a lonely puppy looking for a home. You take it in. It wets your carpets and tears up some furniture and leaves your yard covered in crap.
It's kind a hard to live up to all the hype when your a hurricane that was dubbed "storm of the century". Maybe that's why they call them tropical depressions after they land?
Minimize looting.

How do we know the difference between the damage from Katrina and the damage from Gustav?

New Orleans mayor: Please don't come home yet

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Anxious evacuees across the country clamored to come home Tuesday after Hurricane Gustav largely spared New Orleans and southern Louisiana, but were cautioned to wait for the restoration of power and other critical services knocked out by the storm.
Yeah don't come home yet the cops aren't done looting your stores and homes.
I have some advice for you...go home. Don't listen to that asshat Nagin. You all should be able to live through a few freakin' hurricanes by now. And if you can't...MOVE.
And a note about the "relief effort". They aren't getting a dime from me. They spent the money from last time so well.


Den lilla bilden här till vänster är den senaste oförklarade iakttagelsen som det datoriserade övervakningssystemet plockat fram. Vill du veta när nästa spännande iakttagelse läggs ut på hemsidan så ska du registrera dig för vårt nyhetsbrev. När kommer nästa bild?
Er, uh...
STOCKHOLM (AFP) - Sweden's own version of the Loch Ness monster, the Storsjoe or Great Lake monster, has been caught on film by surveillance videos, an association that installed the cameras said Friday.
I want to believe in UFOs, I'm not sure I want to know about lake monsters.

Fark : Dalai Lama leaves hospital, "Oh, uh, there won't be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total conscienceness

The Dalai Lama left hospital in Mumbai on Monday morning after being treated for abdominal pain, smiling and waving to waiting photographers.
The Dalai Lama was admitted to hospital last week after complaining of "fatigue" and cancelling two foreign trips.
After he was admitted, doctors said the 73-year-old had abdominal discomfort but there was no cause for concern.
Lay off the pork fried rice and cabbage for a few days.

Still happy...even after shaking off the dirt

By David Harsanyi
The potential political consequences of Sarah Palin have been chewed over from every imaginable angle.
Though there is plenty to ponder, one thing is certain: libertarian-inclined voters should be encouraged.
Until a true Libertarian gets their own have to take what you can get.


Price, 55, unwittingly became host to a swarm of squatters known as Eastern cicada killers, super-sized wasps that show up annually to mate, lay eggs and prey on cicadas. Price may have them as long as he lives on Cherry Tree Crossing in the Green Acres community. Once they show up, they're nearly impossible to eradicate.
I've seen those in Oklahoma. Very large and scary. I recommend...

Two cans one in each hand, and a backup friend for the ones that get away.