Friday, August 1, 2008

Feds don't need cause to search laptops at border

WASHINGTON — Federal agents may take a traveler's laptop or other electronic device to an off-site location for an unspecified period of time without any suspicion of wrongdoing, as part of border search policies the Department of Homeland Security recently disclosed.
DHS officials said that the newly disclosed policies — which apply to anyone entering the country, including U.S. citizens — are reasonable and necessary to prevent terrorism. Officials said such procedures have long been in place but were disclosed last month because of public interest in the matter.
This has always been the case. Nothing has changed.

Are you really, really paranoid?
Declan McCullagh has some suggestions.

All Your Vigilante Justice Are Belong To Us

ARDMORE, Okla. - A young man was horribly beaten in an alleged attempt at carrying out vigilante justice in Ardmore.
Investigators have uncovered one bizarre twist after another. A 19-year-old man was viciously spanked with a leather-studded belt more than 250 times, and two of the four suspects in custody are identical twin brothers.

USA Today Top 25 coaches' poll

Georgia garnered 22 first-place votes in the poll, with No. 2 USC and No. 3 Ohio State both receiving 14 first-place votes each. Oklahoma, with three first-place votes, and Florida, with five first-place votes and returning Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, were fourth and fifth, respectively.
Georgia number 1? I agree with that.
USC number 2? Not a chance. Once again the PAC-10 makes it into the top 5 yet they play in a conference where there is no defense.
Ohio State number 3? Nope. As many have pointed out, they play in the Big Televen and are pretty much anyone else's bitch come bowl time. Weak conference.
OU number 4? As a "homer" you would expect me to say positive things but if we can't win the big games we shouldn't be here. On a positive note: we have a lot of talent and a QB that will be a Heisman candidate this year.
Florida number 5? They have the returning Heisman winner from last year and as always a stacked team. I would have swapped USC and Florida in my poll.

Devil Dog's Daily News College Football Top 5
1. Georgia
2. Florida
3. OKlahoma
4. LSU
5. West Virginia
I pick OU to play Georgia for the BCS Championship this year.

Verona man's rare 1931 BMW on display at car show

Europeans are often regarded by Americans as a smug group, especially when it comes to high culture.
Never is that stereotype more applicable than with their passion for automobiles -- European-built automobiles, in particular.
So you can imagine how insulted those car buffs on the other side of the pond felt when they learned that a rare 1931 BMW IHLE 600 Sports Roadster was found -- and that an American bought it.
Sweet ride. I wonder if you just started with off the shelf stuff how much it would cost to built a similar one?


DILLON, S.C. (AP) -- A suspected thief trying to steal $10 worth of copper got himself into a stinky situation when he was trapped under a trash bin at a county landfill for 12 hours, sheriff's deputies said.
Deputies said Gibson Cook, 56, broke into the landfill, then got stuck as he tried to crawl under the large container. Landfill workers found him about 12 hours later with his legs sticking out from under the bin. Emergency workers had to inflate air bags so they could lift the bin to free him.
Your addiction is not worth this level of effort or humiliation.

New energy source

PORTLAND, Ore. — Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have combined a liquid catalyst with photovoltaic cells to achieve what they claim is a solar energy system that could generate electricity around the clock.
A liquid catalyst was added to water before electrolysis to achieve what the researchers claim is almost 100-percent efficiency. When combined with photovoltaic cells to store energy chemically, the resulting solar energy systems could generate electricity around the clock, the MIT team said.
You'll never see this go to production. The Oil Syndicate will buy it for a ridiculas amount of money. You can also expect the price of whatever "catalyst" they use to cost roughly whatever that amount of energy it will produce in barrels of oil times 3 because, you know it's harder to get than crude oil.

Fark headline: Antisocial scientist behind Anthrax attacks commits suicide before I Am The Law closes in on his Madhouse to Bring The Noise; no word i

WASHINGTON - A top U.S. biodefense researcher apparently has committed suicide in the wake of what a brother said was his intense pursuit by the FBI in connection with anthrax-tainted letters that killed five people.
The world is short another mad scientist now. In the movies if the police accuse the wrong guy, the bad guy, who always needs attention, usually commits the crime again to get the attention he is seeking. In this case once the cops had their man the attacks stopped.

God bless Columbia

A model presents a creation by Leonisa Colombia during the ColombiaModa fashion show in Medellin.
What else is there to say?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ummm, that's not biting

Boys run for cover as a stray dog chases after them in Kabul, Afghanistan, Friday, July 18, 2008.

A stray dog tris(sp) to bite an Afghan boy as other look on in Kabul, Afghanistan, Friday, July 18, 2008.
I'm not sure why these photgraphs made it to the "most popular" today on Yahoo!News. Looks like they have "Mississippi leg hounds" in Kabul too.
I'm guessing with all the dog photos on Yahoo!News today, it must be the dog days of summer.

Man leads police on high-speed chase

EDMOND, Okla. -- An Edmond man led led police on a high-speed car chase through the metro Thursday afternoon.
Jacob Allen Rodriquez, 27, began to lead police at about 2:50 p.m. after he was stopped during a routine traffic stop in Edmond.
Why is this so special? This probably happens three or four times an hour in America.
This is special today because it's a slow news day and because the officer who is seen there in the picture is the son of a lady I work with. So it's kinda cool to hear his stories through her.
He's really giving that guy the business there, I'd love to have heard the conversation.

World's oldest joke traced to 1900 BC

THE world's oldest recorded joke has been traced back to 1900 BC and suggests toilet humour was as popular with the ancients as it is today.
Fart jokes and penis jokes...we haven't changed much, have we.

Fark headline: Alright Hamilton!

BOSSIER CITY, La. -- Talk about coffee to go. A man trying to rob a Bossier City convenience store about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday got coffee and cleaning fluid thrown at him by the clerk. Police said the clerk at a Circle K store was at the coffee maker when a man walked up, showed a knife and demanded money.
Perhaps the greatest movie in the universe.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have nothing more to say.

Hot for Teacher's aide, California Style

Melody Ybona Gawliu, 24, a former teacher’s aide and summer school counselor at El Camino High School in South San Francisco, California has pleaded no contest to oral copulation with a minor.
Once again.

No effing way...

RIYADH (AFP) - Saudi Arabia's religious police have announced a ban on selling cats and dogs as pets, or walking them in public in the Saudi capital, because of men using them as a means of making passes at women, an official said on Wednesday.
I know "Must Love Dogs" was a colossal pile of crap. But banning dogs and cats as pets three years after it came out? Come on, what kind of religion takes away pet ownership because it might corrupt the soul?
The only good thing in "Must Love Dogs" was of course....
Diane Lane

Yeah I could pretty much watch her pick her toenails all day long.

Cheech and Chong reunite as feud goes up in smoke

WASHINGTON - Now that their feud is up in smoke, Cheech and Chong are high on plans to reunite for their first comedy tour in more than 25 years.
This has a chance to be a funny and creative look at a former way of life for two older guys. I hope they don't screw it up.
"...looks like my grandfather eating ice cream...."
Cracks me up everytime.

Bush signs housing bill to provide mortgage relief

WASHINGTON - President Bush on Wednesday signed a massive housing bill intended to provide mortgage relief for 400,000 struggling homeowners and stabilize financial markets.
The measure, regarded as the most significant housing legislation in decades, lets homeowners who cannot afford their payments refinance into more affordable government-backed loans rather than losing their homes.
It offers a temporary financial lifeline to troubled mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and tightens controls over the two government-sponsored businesses.
I have not agreed with this legislation from the beginning. But after reading the FAQ about it I feel a little better. But I kid you not, there was some wrong doing in all this mortagage crap.

Who qualifies for mortgage help and how to get it

Questions and answers about the Hope for Homeowners Act of 2008, passed by Congress last weekend to try to steer as many as 400,000 struggling homeowners away from foreclosure:
Q: Who is eligible?
A: Eligible borrowers must have spent more than 31 percent of their monthly incomes on their mortgages as of March 1, 2008. The troubled loan must have originated no later than Jan. 1, 2008, and be on the borrower's primary residence. And the borrower's income must be verified.
Q: But doesn't this provide an incentive to NOT pay your mortgage, if you're barely keeping ahead of bills and are underwater on your house, so you can qualify?
A: No. If your situation deteriorates enough, the bank may reject any possible new loan.
"Turning yourself into a financial basket case is not going to work," said Dan Seiver, a finance professor at San Diego State University. "If you turn into a complete deadbeat, the servicer is going to just foreclose and dump it."

Q: What happens if I'm able to sell my home after I refinance?
A: If you sell during the next five years, you must agree to share 50 percent of any profits from the resale with the government. What's more, homeowners can only retain equity gains based on a sliding scale. The homeowner would have zero equity from a sale in the first year, with the amount rising 10 percent in each succeeding year and capping at 50 percent from a sale in year five and thereafter.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Local Flavor

Bobo's Chicken, deep-fried thoughts on a local favorite
We are starting a new section today called, Local Flavor.
If you have a fun or delicious or both place for others to eat send me a message and some details and we'll feature it here.

Bobo’s Chicken
Usually on NE 23rd Street between Lottie and MLK ???
Usually open from 7PM – 4AM on Friday and Saturdays
Bobo’s Chicken may be the most infamous eatery in OKC but although everyone seems to have heard of it, very few have actually had it.
For the uninitiated, Bobo’s is a concession trailer that can usually be found parked off 23rd street (see map above) and only opens late at night on Fridays and Saturdays. It is usually easy to spot as they put HUGE flood lights. There are underground rumors that others have seen it during lunch hours and at other locations but I for one have only seen it in this one place as early as 7 PM and as late as 4 AM. If anyone has a sighting please post it here!!
Well, how do I put this delicately… Bobo’s is located in one of the highest crime areas in the city and attracts a sometimes mean looking crowd – depending on when you show up. After 2 AM this place can look like the set of a Tupoc Shakur video shoot. I have actually seen two midget Latino gangsta rappers get out of a low rider with hydraulics (I swear you can’t make this stuff up!!)

Delicately put, they also call this part of OKC "Little Philly" and it ain't due to the cheese steaks.
I couldn't find Blake O.'s song but I haven't quit trying yet.

Another review
I believe it is a Oklahoma State Statute that if you are talking about fried chicken you must mention, Eischen's Bar, in Okarche.
Probably the best fried chicken I've ever eaten. This says a lot considering my wife's family is old school southern and fried chicken is genetic with them. And my adopted family came from the deep south back in the day.

Follow-up: NY judge sentences disgraced NBA ref to 15 months

NEW YORK - Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy was sentenced to 15 months in prison Tuesday for setting off a gambling scandal that tarnished the league's reputation and raised questions about the integrity of its officiating.
Timmy can now ref those heated basketball games in the yard.

GOP Senator accused of making false statements

WASHINGTON - Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest-serving Republican senator and a figure in Alaska politics since before statehood, has been indicted on seven counts of falsely reporting hundreds of thousands of dollars in services he received from a company that helped renovate his home.
From May 1999 to August 2007, prosecutors said Stevens concealed "his continuing receipt of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of things of value from a private corporation." The indictment released Tuesday said the items included: home improvements to his vacation him in Alaska, including a new first floor, garage, wraparound deck, plumbing, electrical wiring; as well as car exchanges, a Viking gas grill, furniture and tools.
Sounds like Ted has been a very, very bad boy. It seems the longer you've been in "public service" the more the "public" serves your interest instead of you serving them. A long standing politician in Oklahoma, who in the realm of Oklahoma politics is very similar to Ted, has been convicted for graft and now his brother is also being investigated and tried for similar crimes.

Air Polution

A paramilitary policeman stands guard amid haze and smog at Beijing's Tiananmen Square July 8, 2008. Two key measures of pollution in China have fallen slightly in what the country's environmental regulator cast as a victory in the fight for more sustainable development, state media reported on Tuesday. Persistent smog over Olympic host Beijing's skies and a massive algae bloom in sailing venue Qingdao have highlighted China's environmental concerns a month ahead of the Games.
BEIJING (Reuters) - Haze that covered Beijing for days cleared on Tuesday as rain fell 10 days before the Olympics open, but China's government came under fresh pressure from a damning human rights report.
Mark my words, the world out cry for polution control in China will go into over drive after we get to hear about it every night on the news. As you can see in the picture, that's pretty bad. And supposedly that's much improved. Imagine what it would have been like if they hadn't removed a million cars from the roads in the last few months. My friend Dave who lives in Huntington Beach, Kalifornia, said the polution controls out there are working. In 10 years the air quality has vastly improved.

Get busy livin' or get busy dying

MILTON - One man imprisoned for kidnapping a minor and aggravated battery and another in custody for armed robbery and assault are still on the loose after they squeezed through a 12-inch-by-12-inch opening at the Santa Rosa County Jail Saturday night.
The opening led the men through another narrow area, then up to the roof. Investigators suspect the men were probably picked up not far from the jail.
I guess they got busy livin' cause they ain't in prison today.

Still not right in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that struck down Washington's 32-year-old handgun ban filed a new federal lawsuit Monday, alleging the city's new gun regulations still violate an individual's right to own a gun for self-defense. Dick Heller and two other plaintiffs argue that the city's regulations are "highly unusual and unreasonable" in the complaint filed in U.S. District Court.
The lawsuit claims the District of Columbia continues to violate the intent of the Supreme Court's June 26 decision by prohibiting the ownership of most semiautomatic weapons, requiring an "arbitrary" fee to register a firearm and establishing rules that make it all but impossible for residents to keep a gun in the home for immediate self-defense.
So a "machine gun" is any weapon capable of firing 12 rounds with out reloading and you must have your weapons disassembled or trigger locked.
I'm not sure the fee is arbitrary unless some pay it and some don't. And as bad as it may sound registering a fire arm in a lovely crime ridden city like Washington might make it easier to arrest people using unregistered firearms, which in most cases are people who don't want other people to know they have a gun, like former felons and criminals.
How exactly are you supposed to be ready, in a moments notice, to defend your home in DC?
Solution: MOVE. Leave the place. You can't live there and vote anyway.
I enjoyed this blogger's comments about the D.C. Gun Show. Jane Roh is her name.
I feel more or less like her in the first couple of paragraphs. I don't have trouble with the method "Little Bill" (Gene Hackman) protected his town in the movie Unforgiven. While in town only the lawmen have guns. In that day and time that worked or at least it worked for his town.
You're less likely to be persnickity with the guy next to you at the saloon or general store. If neither of you are armed you are more likely to be polite. But in a huge city like Washington or any other, you need some kind of way to keep the guns out of the criminal's hands and when that inevitably fails, a fool proof way to arrest someone carrying an unregistered firearm.

It's a similar law to Oklahoma's Illegal Drug Tax Stamp. If you possess illegal drugs without a tax stamp you will get arrested. Sounds silly, but there are too many technicalities in the law. But evading taxes is very easy to enforce.

So a balance needs to be struck between NO GUNS and Mandatory Gun Ownership and carrying. It may be interesting to see where this all goes. You have blue staters and red staters all mish-mashed together in that area.
Maybe we should just have a no holds barred cage match, wait that's what they will be doing in the courts in the next few years, nevermind.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Petraeus won't join bandwagon on Iraq withdrawal timetable

BAGHDAD -- The top U.S. military commander in Iraq isn't buying the increasingly popular idea of a withdrawal timetable for American troops.
Gen. David Petraeus , the Iraq commander, said in an interview with McClatchy that the situation in Iraq is too volatile to "project out, and to then try to plant a flag on a particular date."
Good for you General. But don't be surprised if the Dems win, that you are looking for new employment.
There is a right way and a wrong way to leave. I think the General knows how it should be done.

Hollywood is out of ideas part 345: Red Sonja to be remade

Rose McGowan will be Red Sonja.
Rodriguez recalled his love for Howard's characters, pinpointing the specific "Savage Sword of Conan" issue #60 as the moment he fell in love with the world of Cimmeria. He had been trying to get Red Sonja on the big screen for years and, coincidentally, the script came across McGowan's desk at exactly the right time.
I wonder if they'll beef her up a bit?

I hate to break it to him but I'm pretty sure it's been on the big screen already.

It does sound like there might be some sword movies in the coming years. My only advice, easy on the CGI okay guys?

French tactics?

Riot policemen in Algiers in November 1960. The US military has adopted tactics first used by French soldiers more than 50 years ago in Algeria, as it seeks to subdue Al-Qaeda remnants in one of Iraq's most violent cities.
We are copying French tactics? And what made them think this would work?
I didn't know the French had any other tactics than planting trees on the boulevards and throwing their hands up.

Details missing from Obama's Social Security plan

WASHINGTON - Barack Obama's bid to place a new Social Security tax on very high incomes is either a bold or foolhardy plan, depending on who critiques it.
Obama would not apply the Social Security tax to annual incomes between $102,000 and $250,000, a move meant to avoid alienating several million upper-income voters. His proposed change would apply only to those earning more than $250,000 a year, or about 3 percent of all taxpayers.
When he outlined his idea in the battleground state of Ohio, Obama said it is unfair for middle-class earners to pay the Social Security tax "on every dime they make," while millionaires and billionaires pay it on "only a very small percentage of their income." He also said the Social Security program needs revamping to bolster its long-term viability.
So is the new tax not applied to the 102k-250k? Or do they not pay the Social Security tax at all?
I think everyone would agree that Social Security will need to be fixed in the future, the very near future, but no one knows how to do it.
This is a theme of the campaigns this year I guess. Our local candidates for House are much the same. Lots of we oughta and I'm gonna, not a lot of how I'm gonna.


A former Google employee and her husband launched a new search engine Monday called Cuil (pronounced "cool"), aiming to topple Google by indexing more Web pages than the search giant.
The company, which shaved an 'L' off its name to become Cuil, said it has indexed 120 billion Web pages and can provide results organized by ideas with complete privacy for users.
I played with it a bit today. It's another tool that you'll have to learn how to use just like when Google became your primary search tool.
Hehehe I said tool.

In other news: Google is buying Digg.

Final delivery

CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. - Jeff Hornagold loved being a UPS driver. So when the suburban Chicago man died this week of lung cancer, longtime co-worker Michael McGowan agreed to take him on one last delivery.
I wonder if they filed the paperwork for transporting hazardous materials?

AP IMPACT: Buried loot a mystery for authorities

WASHINGTON - The businessman arrived at the Treasury Department carrying a suitcase stuffed with about $5.2 million. The bills were decomposing, nearly unrecognizable, and he asked to swap them for a cashier's check. He said the money came from Mexico.
Money like this normally arrives in an armored truck or insured shipping container after a bank burns or a vault floods. It doesn't just show up at the visitor's entrance on a Tuesday morning. But the banking habits of Franz Felhaber had stopped making sense to the government long ago.
Wow, I can't imagine finding 20 million dollars and then having the cajones to lie about where it came from. That's one that if you play by the book you get to keep the money minus some taxes.