Friday, July 25, 2008

Political Correctness Run Amok AGAIN

ARKANSAS -- A series of hundreds of Arkansas-issued license plates are being pulled out of circulation over letter combinations that some claim are racist.
Following Florida's pulling of plates with "WTF" on them I'd like to thank Arkansas for caving to the ridiculus PC rantings of a few dumbasses.
Stop Political Correctness.

The forum thread for is a collection of license plates that are entertaining.

4 Stars

The Senate has confirmed the nomination of former Fort Bragg officer Ann E. Dunwoody to be the U.S. military's first woman four-star general.
The vote clears the way for Dunwoody, 55 and currently a lieutenant general, to be promoted and become commander of the U.S. Army Materiel Command at Fort Belvoir, Va. She has been deputy commanding general since June 17.
I'm really glad this barrier is finally broken. I hope the Army next sees itself moving the rank insignia from the chest to the shoulders. I wonder if anyone ever looks at a fellow soldier and says, "nice chevrons."?

I was hoping the thread on would move to a "Women in the Military" post thread, but it didn't.
Thank god for the women of the IDF.

Jennie Finch -- pinup, mother, crusader

DETROIT (Reuters) - American Jennie Finch is the face of a sport that is about to lose its Olympic identity. An Olympic gold medalist and double world champion, the blonde pitcher has gone from Athens Games pinup to mother and softball crusader.
Posters of Finch hang on the bedroom walls of girls across the U.S. inspiring Olympic dreams that she says will be crushed by the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) decision to dump softball along with baseball from the Games, starting in 2012.
I read an article about the two sports being dropped and they were due to "America's dominance and that they are not 'world sports'". What? baseball is played on every continent. Softball is played on most continents. So with that logic, we could probably eliminate all of the outdoor sports in the Winter Olympics. How is Africa to compete? How is the Phillipines to keep up with Germany in the cross country skiing events? How in the hell is Saudi Arabia going to compete with Canada in curling?
Posters hanging on girl's walls? Hell, I have a poster of her.

Scientists expose mystery behind northern lights

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Scientists have exposed some of the mystery behind the northern lights. On Thursday, NASA released findings that indicate magnetic explosions about one-third of the way to the moon cause the northern lights, or aurora borealis, to burst in spectacular shapes and colors, and dance across the sky.

Qantas jumbo lands with 'gaping hole' in fuselage

MANILA (AFP) - A Qantas Boeing 747 flying to Melbourne made an emergency landing in Manila on Friday after a dramatic mid-air rupture that punched a "gaping hole" in its fuselage, officials and passengers said.
I hope it's not terrorist crap.
And if it is, I hope the fillet them, with a dull knife, over a flame pit, on a muggy hot day, in Louisiana, with lots of flies around, and they take their time doing it....on television for everyone to see.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Army stron... Campbell says he cried but accepts Army's orders

ALLEN PARK, Mich. - Caleb Campbell said he was upset when the Army told him he wouldn't be able to play for the Detroit Lions this season.
The West Point graduate initially was told by the Army he could enter the NFL draft this year. If he made the team, he was told, he would be allowed to play in Detroit and carry out his service as a recruiter in the area.
But military policy was reinterpreted in recent weeks. The Army on Wednesday officially informed Campbell, a second lieutenant, and the Lions that he would be required to serve at least two years on active duty before he could apply to be released.
Bummer for him. But he'll be a better man for the service he has agreed to give to our great country.
Oh the picture? Yeah, Caleb is the player off Navy's Zerbin Singleton's port pursuit.
Go Navy, beat Army.

Slow news day....

It should be no surprise the dachshund was also used to hunt wild boar in some instances. Hell, drag them to Africa and take them on a big cat safari. They just don't give a fuck. It is a good day to die.
Our dog Jake is part Corgi and Dachshund. But he is really just a sweet dog, with a bit of a mean streak when taunted.

Judge: Girl's name, Talula Does The Hula, won't do

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A family court judge in New Zealand has had enough with parents giving their children bizarre names here, and did something about it.
ust ask Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. He had her renamed.
Those parents need a beating.

We have a winner, Miss Venezuela

"Being a model is just great. You show a brand, a beautiful dress," said the 22-year-old Venezuelan. "But being Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe, you have the opportunity to go all over the world and have contact with the people and show yourself, and that's what I really wanted."
Okay yeah...I missed this while I was on vacation.
I don't like their politics, but their women are very nice to look at. It's crazy that Columbia and Venezuela were the last two considering their countries were about to get into the ring to fight just a couple of months ago.
Who's surprised she won?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pencil, telephone, hourglass, diamonds, candle, candle, flag! Mouse, scissors, ball, mailbox, mailbox, mailbox!

Bad Ass

A Royal Marine is to receive the highest award for gallantry after jumping on a hand grenade to save the lives of three of his comrades.
L/Cpl Matthew Croucher will become part of a select of group of just 20 living George Cross holders when the Queen awards him the medal, which is given for acts showing the same level of heroism as the Victoria Cross.
My hats off to you sir.

San Francisco's Mayor Gets the passwords to the Network

"There is a lot of sympathy, only because there is a basic feeling that management misunderstand what we actually do and doesn't appreciate the complexity of the work."
Several of my co-workers and I live this everyday.
But Terry Childs went about it all wrong. You can't lock people out of their own network.
I thought the picture was funny. It's from San Francisco's (that's fun to say, francisco) DTIS web page. If they are cutting staff, why are they hiring?

Here are a
bunch of articles about this incident.

Feds: Philly ex-anchor hacked colleague's e-mail

Former Philadelphia news anchor Larry Mendte on Monday was charged with hacking into the e-mail accounts of Alycia Lane, his co-anchor at CBS affiliate KYW-TV and reported rival, hundreds of times over the course of two years.
According to the Associated Press, Rosen said Mendte was motivated by jealousy and was upset that Lane was making $780,000, about $100,000 more than he was.
She's about 100K hotter than he is. Righteous bucks.

And the best part about Alycia? She likes to mail pictures of herself to married men. My email address is...
And she's not afraid to take poke at a cop.

Here's a Philidephia Blog with lots on this story and Alycia Lane.
Q: So who do they have anchoring the news these days?
A: Susan Barnett

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This explains a lot about my wife

Americans are consuming caffeinated beverages as never before. In fact, energy drink sales skyrocketed in 2007. The sale of Rockstar, which contains up to 360 mg of caffeine per can, compared with 80 to 150 mg per serving for coffee, rose 38.9 percent in 2007, according to Beverage Digest. Red Bull sales rose 19 percent.
But what effect is that having on your health? Research shows that caffeine can trigger migraines, heartburn, gastrointestinal problems and put women at an increased risk of miscarriage.
Boy this really explains a lot about my wife. She has on average 6 Diet Mountain Dews a night.

The New "Cuba"

MEIENDORF CASTLE, Russia - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called on Tuesday for a strategic alliance with Russia to protect the South American country from the United States.
Chavez is expected to reach a number of agreements for purchasing military hardware while in Russia, according to Russian news media reports. One newspaper reported that the deals could be worth up to $2 billion.
Venezuela is spend around 2 billion a year for defense. While some say "who cares" I say we stop oil imports from Venezuela and then see what he does for money.
If you would like to stop buying products from Venezuela to silently protest, stop buying gas at CITGO gas stations.

From Wikipedia:
The economy of Venezuela is based on oil. The petroleum sector dominates the economy, accounting for roughly a third of GDP, around 80% of export earnings, and more than half of government operating revenues.
In 2002, U.S. firms exported $347 million worth of agricultural products, including wheat, corn, soybeans, soybean meal, cotton, animal fats, vegetable oils, and other items to make Venezuela one of the top two U.S. markets in South America. The United States supplies more than one-third of Venezuela's food imports.
I guess when we've had enough of his shit we'll cut him off.
So go ahead and buy that Russian military surplus and posture and pose all you want.
Good luck getting Russia to provide the trade we have with you.

Hybrid Cars Pose Risk to Blind, Visually Impaired

MONDAY, July 21 (HealthDay News) -- Because they can be nearly silent, hybrid cars pose a serious threat of injury and death to blind and visually impaired people, says the American Council of the Blind, which is pushing the auto industry and government officials to develop ways to reduce this danger.
Seriously is 1.9% of the population enough to make changes to battery cars? If so why haven't they mandated golf carts to make noises? You know it's only a matter of time before a blind golfer is killed by walking in front of a golf cart. So you clicked the link...and you thought I was kidding.
Before all my blind readers go on a rapage, I want to clarify that I'm not opposed to changes for the cars. It would suck that you were the one who ran over Pete Townsend because he couldn't hear your car approaching.

Check out this page with famous people with Tinnitus. I'm not famous but I have it too.
I remember the last time I was in the Iron Starr restaurant at 36th and Shartel and the combination of the din in the restaurant and the frequency of the waiters voice kept me from hearing what he was saying. I had to have my friends translate for me. I tried to assure him that I wasn't trying to be rude, but I couldn't understand a thing he said.

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Alleged war criminal, Radovan Karadzic captured

BELGRADE, Serbia - Radovan Karadzic grew a long, white beard to conceal his identity and even managed to openly practice alternative medicine while in hiding, officials said Tuesday in revealing details of the war crimes fugitive's capture after a decade on the run.
Karadzic, the wartime leader of Bosnian Serbs, was arrested Monday night in a Belgrade suburb, officials said. A judge has ordered his transfer to the U.N. war crimes tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, to face genocide charges, war crimes prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic said.
You just don't think genocide can happen in our "modern" world, but it does. Serbia, Darfur, Iraq, Iran.

Hot for Librarian, Oklahoma style

A former school librarian hurried out of court Monday after being arraigned on rape charges involving a 15-year-old student.
Cantrell, a 40-year-old mother of two, surrendered to authorities Monday to face charges of second-degree rape and oral sodomy.
Not much to say here. It pains me to post this. She's had issues in the past as the article says. In other news, I used to do computer work for her attorney. He's a straight shooter.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Today's "Ya Think?" Article: Cutbacks hurt newspaper quality

NEW YORK — The many and deepening cuts at newspapers across the country are starting to take a toll on their content, according to a study being released today.
Many editors said they must ask reporters to cover more beats, which reduces their ability to produce authoritative stories.
No shit? Seriously? Less reporters result in few stories?
I tell ya what also affects the quality of your News Outlet...going on vacation and leaving the articles to a hack in Colorado.
Quality definately suffers. (not that its all that good to begin with)
Love ya man. Thanks for filling in for me.
We had a great vacation. Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Huntington Beach, Hollywood, San Diego, and Sea World.

America's Best Places to Live 2008

No. 6: Norman, Oklahoma
Population: 102,800
Miles from Oklahoma City: 17
Typical single-family home: $163,600
People at the typical OU game: 84,860
Pros: Affordable housing, football mania
Cons: Severe weather, football mania
The university not only helps draw educated workers here but also serves as a major source of entertainment for residents. When the OU Sooners play football against their longtime rival, the University of Texas, Norman schools are almost always closed on Friday (you read that right) and the town packs the stadium.
Who wrote this crap? Yeah we pack the stadium for the Texas game...IN DALLAS!

NOt sure what they were thinking with this picture. That's a shot of downtown Oklahoma City. And they cropped out the best part...Bricktown just out of the shot on the right.

When the OU Sooners play football against their longtime rival, the University of Texas, Norman schools are almost always closed on Friday (you read that right)...
That is actually true. Norman Public Schools schedule the Friday before the OU Texas game as a "Professional Day" no school.

While Norman hasn’t had huge run-ups in housing prices, the city has also been spared the devastating downside.
That's true if 5000$ per year in appreciation isn't considered huge. Our house on War Bird Drive appreciated in value from 1999 to 2005, from $92,500 to $135,000 for a 4 bedroom 1800+ house in a great neighborhood. Our current domicile has increased at the same rate.
With all the inaccuracies in the article aside, it is a great place to live.
What was the only town in Colorado on the article? Fort anyone wants to or can afford to live there. It was ranked 2nd.

Fish. Is there anything they can't do?

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Ready for the latest in spa pampering? Prepare to dunk your tootsies in a tank of water and let tiny carp nibble away.
Fish pedicures are creating something of a splash in the D.C. area, where a northern Virginia spa has been offering them for the past four months. John Ho, who runs the Yvonne Hair and Nails salon with his wife, Yvonne Le, said 5,000 people have taken the plunge so far.
They can't ride bicycles.

Well...maybe they can.
Maybe that saying was, " there anything it can't do."

Hello Dolly!

MIAMI - A hurricane watch was issued for parts of the Texas and Mexico coasts Monday as Tropical Storm Dolly entered the Gulf of Mexico.
Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center in Miami said the watch in Texas extended from Brownsville to Port O'Connor. The government of Mexico also issued a hurricane watch from Rio San Fernando northward to the U.S. border.
Oil prices expected to rise on the chance that perhaps, maybe that Dolly will or two days of oil production, if Dolly gets over Cancun.

Court tosses FCC 'wardrobe malfunction' fine

PHILADELPHIA - A federal appeals court on Monday threw out a $550,000 indecency fine against CBS Corp. for the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show that ended with Janet Jackson's breast-baring "wardrobe malfunction."
The three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Federal Communications Commission "acted arbitrarily and capriciously" in issuing the fine for the fleeting image of nudity.
How about that. So the big deal and blustering by all the news agencies amounted to nothing.

Is media playing fair in campaign coverage?

NEW YORK - Television news' royalty will fly in to meet Barack Obama during this week's overseas trip: CBS chief anchor Katie Couric in Jordan on Tuesday, ABC's Charles Gibson in Israel on Wednesday and NBC's Brian Williams in Germany on Thursday.
The anchor blessing defines the trip as a Major Event and — much like a "Saturday Night Live" skit in February that depicted a press corps fawning over Obama — raises anew the issue of fairness in campaign coverage.
So are you going to trust the media to report on itself?

Foot Watch: 2 of the 5 feet found in B.C. from same person, police say

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Two of the five feet that have washed up on the shores of British Columbia over the past year belonged to the same person, but no identities have been determined in any of the cases, police said Thursday.
Authorities have said they have no reason to believe the cases were related or involved wrongdoing, although they aren't ruling out any possibilities.
There seems to be a total lack of people willing to step up and say that they are missing their feet.