Monday, December 8, 2008

What the hell? They make cars too well? Wow...

ROBERT NARDELLI, CEO, CHRYSLER: Wolf, here's what we've done. You know, since august when we became independent. We spent about half a billion dollars in the first several months. Our warranty costs are down 29 percent. It's an interesting comparison because in the hearing today, going around the panel, the majority of the Senators said that citing specific vehicles that they own that they've got 60, 70, 80,000 miles. The comment was you guys are making them too good and therefore, we're not buying vehicles and we're contributing to your problem. That was from the Senators on the committee today. On the panel today, Wolf.

This is a transcript from a news report you didn't see on TV. Mainly because you were at work when they ran it.

Seriously? Making cars too good because they last 80,000 miles? And they got that from guys who are millionaires and replace their cars every 2-3 years?

Check out this little list of excellent automobiles from Chrysler.

Where is the link to the Mercedes with 400,000 miles on it?
Good luck with selling cars to Americans that only last 80,000 miles again. They should be working on making cars that need parts people want to keep for 800,000 miles.

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Anonymous said...

$48,600 for a 09 ML320
$30,980 for a 09 Commander

That's $17620 difference in better quality materials for the MB to start with, then start adding in the MB main dealer $1200 service cost per year vs $700 for the Jeep,see where I'm going here.

70,000 miles for 80-90% for the Jeep
400,000 miles for < 1% MB

American Car lover