Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Road to Removal video finally out

The Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation video Road to Removal: The Cherokees 1800-1840 is finally released. Gilles Carter mailed my copy to me with a lovely letter thanking me for my work. It was a fun time and working with professional film crews was a truly once in a life time experience.

The educational video was produced to be distributed in schools and libraries. It tells the story of the Cherokees and their removal from their ancestral home lands to the present day Oklahoma.

I grabbed a screen capture of some of my scenes. If you get an opportunity to check it out of a library near you I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did being in it. It's a history video so be prepared to learn something you didn't know before.

This was my 4th video and by far the best of the lot. Thank you goes out to my friend Whit Edwards who invited me to participate in this video.


Fritz said...

w00t! I bet that scene where you appear to be thinking, was extremely difficult for you to act ;)

OkieRover said...

I know you meant that with love in your heart....bastardo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric- Not only were you terrific in this scene (perfect casting/acting) but you were also valiantly fighting a bad cold in absolutely frigid temperatures.
Thanks again for your hard work. Simply splendid. I'm glad you enjoyed the experience. I assume you'd be ready for Part II ? All the best, Gilles

OkieRover said...

You know it. Thanks for the compliment.

gillescarter said...

Hi Eric-

Thought you might like to know that the video is now in distribution in over 600 Arkansas Public School Systems+ > 200 OK libraries and has been extremely well-received.

I also recently spoke with a very well-known Cherokee scholar who wants to do a video on Sequoyah and I said "I know just the guy."

All the best,

OkieRover said...

Nice of you to say. Let me know where to be. All the best to you. Thanks.