Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No you can't

Sharon Withrow's neighbors are humbugging out about the "Yes We Can" message she wrote in red, white and blue lights on the roof of her home in southeast Aurora's Tuscany subdivision.

The soulless missives, both signed by the association's "Client Services Department," turn out to have been written by Rana Valentine, a humorless functionary for a company called Hammersmith Management Inc. Valentine wouldn't identify the two neighbors who lacked the backbone to complain directly to Withrow.

Hammersmith's lawyer says Withrow's 4-by-15-foot display constitutes a political sign, which the association's covenants dictate may be no larger than 3 feet by 4 feet. Rules require that political signs be "removed no later than seven days after an election."

Welcome to the People's Republic of Colorado.

This opinion piece written by Susan Greene, (with superfluous E) apparently doesn't get it. Covenants are created by uptight retirees and subdivision developers to keep people from junking up the houses in their neighborhoods where they just spent their last dimes on houses they don't want to see LOOSE value from the day they bought them.

We have covenants in our neighborhood as well. No campers, no boats, hide your trashcans, that kind of stuff. A small camper doesn't junk up the neighborhood unless it's been sitting in the same place for 24 years. I loved my neighbor who did this. And it never really bothered me. But the "association" hated it.

Allowing boats is fine right up to the point when the guy next door moves in that 32 foot cabin cruiser that you couldn't launch in any lake in a 200 mile radius. It's all good though, in 25 more years no one will know or care about the covenants in your neighborhood and you'll be dead, congrats, trust me all that strife was worth it.


Fritz said...

The people complaining were just being asshats cause they were McCain supporters.

Aliyka said...

For those of you interested... this person in the article runs a forum http://www.almostsmart.com Her name on there is Madre and if you notice you will see she has been doing nothing but posting about Obama and at one point spammed the entire forum with Obama posts. That was against the rules of the forum, but because she runs it and because it suited her.. she posted anyway. Based on her threads, comments and actions on the forum she runs it leads me to believe that she put that sign on her house to piss the people in her neighborhood off and when she was asked to stop.. she cried Free Speech.... Here is her thread posted about this christmas light issue http://www.almostsmart.com/forums/showthread.php?p=324769#post324769 Take a look around that site.. you will see she's a troublemaker and a hypocrite Oh and notice the title of the thread Merry Barackmas Revisited

To further prove my point here is the orginial thread about the lights http://www.almostsmart.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21332&highlight=barackmas where the following was posted "Merry Barackmas!!! This is what Sharon, Eric and I have been working on for the past 2 days. It is Sharon's house and i bet all people living on her street hate her now. We used LED lights btw." They put it up knowing they would piss everyone off

OkieRover said...

Aliyka, thanks for that update. It's good to have boots on the ground when you need the inside scoop.