Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We are all doomed

The American populous is stupid.
There, I said it (again).

You know this because you see stupid people every day.
• You see them driving cars, badly.
• You see them standing in the express lane of the WalMart with 42 items in their basket.
• You see them when they fail to get your order correct at Jack-in-the-Box.
• You see them texting wildly on their cell phones while driving 52 miles an hour in the fast lane on the interstate.
• You see them spending 300$ on an iPhone but they can’t manage to have car insurance for that piece of crap they drive, badly, while texting.
• And lastly you hear from them every Monday when they call in because in two short days over the weekend, they forgot the password they have used EVERY DAY for the past month and have written on a dozen sticky notes all over their office computer.
Stupid people are everywhere, maybe you just haven’t noticed.

If 100 is the median score on standardized IQ tests then just a little less than half of everyone you see out in the world has only two numbers in their IQ score. Does that scare you, I think it should.

Contrary to what you see in the above video this blog entry is not a commentary on Obama voters. This is a commentary on all stupid Americans. For every Obama voter that can't tell you who the Speaker of the House is, there is a McCain voter that also doesn't know.

I dug and dug but could not find a survey of the American people that reflected their ability to name the major players in Washington. I'll put up a few and you can test yourself....
Speaker of the House?
Vice President of the United States?
Name your Congressman?
Name either of the Senators that represent your state? If you didn’t know there were two subtract 2 points from your score.
Who is the current President of the Senate?
Who is the current Senate Pro Tem?
Name your current State Legislator?

A political science professor I had in college (University Oklahoma circa 1984, did not graduate) said only 1 in 4 Americans could name the President of the United States. I thought that was insane and couldn’t possibly be true. He also said, only 1 in 8 could name the Vice-President. Only 1 in 16 could name the Speaker of the House. And it gets worse from there. I thought how could anyone be so poorly informed about such vitally important information?

Does the inability to answer these little civic facts about YOUR government make you a "stupid person". No, probably not. But it does make you an uninformed person. I can forgive some stupidity. I mean that’s how most of us learn, by doing “stupid things” and adjusting to the consequences. But to be completely UNINFORMED and able to cast ballot is unforgivable.

Michele Malkin (take her or leave her) has a compilation of links on "How Obama Got Elected". One of those is on ScoopThis.Org where you will find the above video. They contend that stupid people elected Obama. I cannot and will not vouch for the material presented but, at a minimum some very UNINFORMED people bought the media presented talking points of the two parties and a majority of them voted for Obama.

As you my very informed readers already know, there are problems in Washington DC. Lots of problems and we have it ALL. Corrupt officials under indictment for a litany of crimes. Staffers hired by your elected officials violating lots of laws. Lobbyists running amok in the halls of Congress peddling a million special interest projects and greasing every palm they can touch.

Here's a lovely list of Congress and some staffers currently under indictment.

Congress has tied the all time low in Approval Ratings this year.

The approval rating of the President is low as well. In fact he has the highest approval rating ever by a President and the lowest. 92% and 19%. Today with all the financial mess the President's approval rating is 28%. I think we can safely say those are the president's fans.

So with all these stellar representatives in Washington representing US, who do we blame for the current mess in America (or the world for that matter)?
Of course it's the other guy's fault. That other guy is anyone you don't like or politically on the other side of the fence from you. It couldn’t possibly be the ideologue you voted for and sent to represent you, nah it’s the other stupid guy’s ideologue that he voted for that’s screwing up everything.

We, as Americans, need to demand a better class of representative. But where are these guys and gals? They are home with their family, that’s where.

Let’s do a thought experiment.
A fellow in a small town thinks he would make a good representative. He has the support of his family and friends. He figures out how he’s going to fund his campaign and picks an office to run for.
Now the local media doesn’t want this candidate. And his opponent wants to win. So they start digging up stuff on our thought experiment candidate.
They find out he got arrested when he was 20 years old for public drunkenness.
Does this make him a bad candidate? Not necessarily, unless you are a staunch advocate for sobriety.
They also find out supplemented his income while in college by scalping concert tickets.
Does this make him a bad candidate? Not necessarily, unless you are a concert promoter or a staunch advocate for the laws against scalpering.
They also find out his wife once filed for bankruptcy.
Does this make him a bad candidate? Not unless you have a strong position for personal financial responsibility.
Maybe the candidate sold some land to an “investor” that maybe looked a little shady on the surface but wasn’t illegal according to the letter of the law. Does this make him a bad candidate?

You can see where this is going. Do you want every little thing YOU ever did brought before a public forum? Most people don’t. And back in the day most people let “sleeping dogs lie” and didn’t empty the closet of every skeleton in there, not even the little ones. Every one has something in their past they are ashamed of. And the good candidates are sitting out there in the stands thinking about those things and don’t believe the benefits to society are bigger than the damage to his family and supposed reputation.

Obama’s election was billed as an election for change. Change in Washington, DC. Change in the way things are done. Change for “the better”. And that was just the hook he needed in a climate of failed policies of several past presidents and the in action of multiple Congresses to address the problems we face as a nation.

Voting is our right, bought and paid for by hundreds of thousands of lives. And when you vote it is your OBLIGATION to do the work and know WHAT and WHO you are voting for. You don’t vote for a catchy phrase or a one-liner or which candidate is “cuter” or how old the candidate is. You vote for a representative with a past and a present and for his or her promises and positions on the issues.

It’s time for we the voters to demand a better product from our mass media. It’s time for us to tell them we don’t want their partisanship, we want facts, good facts and bad facts presented in an objective way that allows for the smart people and more importantly the not so smart people to weigh the issues and be better informed.

Wow, I feel better. Have a nice week.

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! I got a little POed at the girls I work with because they had NO IDEA about polotics and they were voting for people who they had NO IDEA of their record or anything about the candidates politics. I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said!
See you Friday