Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is Barack Obama really a socialist?

By Donald J. Boudreaux Donald J. Boudreaux – Thu Oct 30, 4:00 am ET
Christian Science Monitor
Since telling Joe the Plumber of his wish to "spread the wealth around," Barack Obama is being called a socialist. Is he one?
At least not in the classic sense of the term.
Could it (socialism) happen in America?
Consider the words of longtime Socialist Party of America presidential candidate Norman Thomas: "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened." In addition to Medicare, Social Security, and other entitlement programs, the gathering political momentum toward single-payer health care – which Obama has proclaimed is his ultimate goal – shows the prescience of Thomas's words.

Well said. If you accept the things that appear as socialism then eventually you are living in a socialist society without the labels.

I had a great debate with two of my best friends's wives on Facebook yesterday over this very subject. After a lively exchange everyone agreed on these facts:
  • No one is happy with the candidates they are being presented with
  • That I should run for President
  • Both sides have run to the extremes to identify themselves with the elitists of the parties
  • People want something done about health care in America
  • Josh is a big fat doo-doo head
  • Frank is a cuddly big fat doo-doo head

America will never be destroyed from the outside.

If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

~ Abraham Lincoln, 1863


Fritz said...

Hey! I'm cuddly too!

Heather said...

Ummm...all except for Devil Dog being president, I agree. :)