Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tom Brokaw asks some tough questions of Speaker of the House Pelosi on this week's "Meet the Press"

Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw asked Nancy Pelosi about her 14% approval rating and her failure to end the war and her position energy policies in America.

Pelosi's interview starts at 13:00 minutes in to the show.
I think Tom asked some tough questions and Pelosi looked very uncomfortable at times. There was certainly a lot of stammering and studdering.
You decide.
Why is it always someone else's fault?

REP. PELOSI: Well, that's not--that is, that is the marketplace. The fact is, the supply of natural gas is so big, and you do need a transition if you're going to go from fossil fuels, as you say, you can't do it overnight, but you must transition.
Not that anyone actually cares...but natural gas is a fossil fuel.
You'd think the people holding the highest seat in the House of Representatives and responsible for forming the Energy Policy for the entire United States of America would know which fuels were fossil fuels and which weren't.

Transcript here

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Stuart said...

Interesting video. Thanks for posting.

Tom really nailed her to the wall. Surprising. I love his comment as they wrapped up the energy policy portion: So we're going to have off-shore drilling, then.