Monday, July 21, 2008

Today's "Ya Think?" Article: Cutbacks hurt newspaper quality

NEW YORK — The many and deepening cuts at newspapers across the country are starting to take a toll on their content, according to a study being released today.
Many editors said they must ask reporters to cover more beats, which reduces their ability to produce authoritative stories.
No shit? Seriously? Less reporters result in few stories?
I tell ya what also affects the quality of your News Outlet...going on vacation and leaving the articles to a hack in Colorado.
Quality definately suffers. (not that its all that good to begin with)
Love ya man. Thanks for filling in for me.
We had a great vacation. Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Huntington Beach, Hollywood, San Diego, and Sea World.

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Fritz said...

I just report on the truth man ;) lol