Friday, June 13, 2008

More fearmongering for you

"There is a concern that styrene itself, one of the chemical components which is a possible human carcinogen, may leach into coffee or (any) hot liquid."
"Given that polystyrene is not all that readily recyclable, we've suggested - and many companies have already done this - switching to cardboard."
That's if your office water cooler has one of those five-gallon plastic bottles. Chances are there's a number-7 on the bottom of it and it's made of polycarbonate.
So the whole office coffee routine, with the styrofoam cups that could be bad for you and you are a bad person because those cups are bad for the environment. And the water you use from the office cooler perhaps (read: is going to) could kill you as well, a slow, slow undetermined type death. And it's probably going to be a gruesome death too.....perhaps.

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Henry said...

Well, one drink is never going to kill you unless it's liquid draino. There is a shitload of stuff we do on a daily basis that over time, daily over years and decades, can accumulate into something. The rates of cancer are something retarded like 1 in 4 people will develop some sort of cancer. It's all about multiples: if you're gonna do something everyday, realize that anything trace amounts that is bad for you ... make accumulate into something significant. Switching from styrofoam to cardboard doesn't sound half bad. Personally, I'm gonna try and use my teflon plan less as I've noticed that the teflon eventually peels and withers away ... and either that shit came off while I was cleaning it, or I ate the farking teflon.