Friday, August 3, 2007

Rookie Class

Winning the Turn Over Battle presents the rookie class of cheerleaders coming into the NFL this year. It's a nice compilation and a good reason to move to Houston apparently.
Good work guys.


Today is my 18th Wedding Anniversary.
18 years is a long time and in Oklahoma where the divorce rate is 51%, making it 18 years is apparently very difficult.

We've been through some hard times and we've been through some really good times. Like the birth of our first grandchild, Cadence, pictured above.
Few men are as lucky as me to have a woman who loves them and takes good care of them and their family.
I am truly blessed.

Bikini Friday

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Good work Congress

Just 24% give the president favorable ratings of his performance in handling the war in Iraq, but confidence in Congress is significantly worse – only 3% give Congress positive marks for how it has handled the war. This lack of confidence in Congress cuts across all ideologies. Democrats – some of whom had hoped the now Democrat-led Congress would bring an end to the war in Iraq – expressed overwhelming displeasure with how Congress has handled the war, with 94% giving Congress a negative rating in its handling specifically of that issue.
What can Congress do to improve it's image...I know vote themselves a pay raise and give themselves more treats from lobbyists while they line their pockets with 100$ bills from the latest bribery scandal, and pass about 8 do nothing bills on Iraq so they can say they are "doing something" right before they take a month long vacation, yeah that will work.

Are your bridges safe?

Oklahoma continues to lead the nation in the number of structurally deficient bridges, but none on the state highway system are unsafe or in danger of imminent collapse, including Oklahoma City's aging Crosstown Expressway bridge, state highway officials said Thursday.
Nearly 6,300 bridges are structurally deficient in Oklahoma, which means the bridges aren't meant to carry today's loads, federal data show. Of those, 989 bridges are on Oklahoma's state highway system. Such bridges are under greater scrutiny after Wednesday's bridge collapse in Minneapolis.
Most aren't in Oklahoma. We lead the nation is deficient bridges. The bridge that elevates I-40 over downtown Oklahoma City had a 49% rating, 1% lower than the bridge in Minneapolis.
More than 70,000 bridges across the country are rated structurally deficient like the I-35W bridge, and engineers estimate repairing them all would take at least a generation and cost more than $188 billion according to Time Magazine.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Setting the record straight

The guys at Car Talk set the record straight regarding Premium vs Regular petrol.
Something you should read.

Movie Review

I Now Pronounce You, Chuck and Larry

My wife and regretfully my kids went to I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. It was another of the Adam Sandler buddy movies. I am a fan of Adam Sandler and definately of Kevin James who cooks up a scheme to become domestic partners with Sandler in order to get his beneficiary changed from his dead wife, to someone that would help his kids if he should die.
I had as usual a great cast and as most Happy Madison productions a smokin' hot co-star. This time it was Jessica Biel. All I can say is, that could possibly be the most perfect caboose I've ever seen.
My wife was uncomfortable with the message of gay tolerance. And I would say it was more of a message that we should not discriminate against other people's lifestyles. It is a weighty subject for a comedy and lead to some uncomfortable dialogue that seemed a bit forced. Overall Kevin James saved the movie with his comedic talent and Adam Sandler turned in another of his typical performances.
The co-stars were interesting and added a lot to the movie. Ving Rhames was unexpectedly funny in his role as the mysterious transfer. Dan Aykroyd anchors the cast with his part as the Captain of the fire house Chuck and Larry work at.I enjoyed the movie and would recommend you see it. If you wait for DVD rental, you might be happier than springing for the 30 bucks at the theatre.

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MINNEAPOLIS - Authorities lowered the death toll from an interstate bridge collapse to four Thursday, but warned the final number could change as divers comb the twisted steel and chunks of concrete that crashed into the Mississippi River.
The eight-lane Interstate 35W bridge, a major Minneapolis artery, was in the midst of being repaired and two lanes in each direction were closed when the bridge buckled during evening rush hour Wednesday.
It's amazing that more people didn't die.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. Security Council approved a 26,000-strong peacekeeping force for Darfur on Tuesday to try to help end four years of fighting that has killed more than 200,000 people in the vast Sudanese region.
The force — the first joint peacekeeping mission by the African Union and the United Nations — will replace the beleaguered 7,000-strong AU force now in Darfur no later than Dec. 31.
But U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who has made Darfur a top priority since taking over as U.N. chief on Jan. 1, stressed that "it is only through a political process that we can achieve a sustainable solution to the conflict."
Finally! and only 4 years too late. So Darfur was your TOP priority 8 months ago? Wow, I'm impressed. Maybe a couple of years after Iran gets it's first or second nuclear bomb you can make that a priority too? Maybe next year you can take the whole class on another field trip to Iraq.
And one last our Aussie brothers in arms, thank you for stepping into the breach.

Brady Quinn holdout reaches fourth day

Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Brady Quinn missed his fourth day of training camp Monday in a contract holdout that shows no signs of ending anytime soon for the first-round draft pick. Quinn, who figures to compete for the starting job with Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson, has missed six practices so far. A four-year starter at Notre Dame, Quinn was expected to be taken in the first 10 picks in April's draft. However, he slipped to No. 22, where the Browns nabbed him after trading a first-round pick in 2008 to the Dallas Cowboys.
I predict in a year or two we'll all be wondering why we were even talking about Brady. I will predict he will be the biggest draft bust of this season. Is Brady tough enough to play in Cleveland?

Sunni Arab bloc quits Iraqi government

BAGHDAD - Iraq's largest Sunni Arab political bloc announced its withdrawal from the government Wednesday, undermining efforts to seek reconciliation among the country's rival factions.
It's getting to the point that maybe the Iraqis don't want any peace in their land.
And can we get a news report that sticks to the subject?

Sunni Arab bloc quits Iraqi government

Does that headline say anything about car bombs? No. But in the first sentence the reporter has to tell us about some car bombs. It's Iraq...the days when car bombs DON'T go off should be reported. But since you are writing the story, how about sticking to the subject.

8 Homers

Alex Rodriguez didn't hit a home run. Almost all the other Yankees did. On a night the New York Yankees tied a franchise record with eight homers, the one player chasing a home run milestone failed to go deep. The Yankees beat the Chicago White Sox 16-3, but A-Rod stayed stuck on 499 homers Tuesday night.
Yankees are still 7 games out of first in their division and 3 out of a playoff spot, behind Cleveland, Seattle.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pat Tillman

It’s almost too depressing to mention again, but let’s recap the Pat Tillman revelations from Army medical examiners and internal Pentagon reports released last week and find out what happens when famous football stars turned Army Heroes become anti-war critics.
Wonkette lays out the findings for you. If you haven't been following the developments. This lays them out nicely. To say I was disappointed in these findings wouldn't even begin to cover my emotions about this. This is bad, really bad.

132nd place

Our very own Fritz has returned from the PDGA event in Milwaukee. He finished 132nd with a 3 over par 327 score. I got an exclusive interview over the phone Sunday night.

Glad to hear your back how was it?
It was like going to Mecca except it was in Wisconsin, and there weren't as many religious dudes around, and there were like frisbees there.

3 over par. Where could you have improved?
I think the altitude had a lot to do with my throws. Normally I'm up high like, in the mountains, and this was kinda low, like down by the ocean.

There is no ocean in Milwaukee.
There was once?

Nevermind that. Did you buy any great frisbees while you were there?
Oh yeah man, I got this frisbee that has a dude's ashes in it.

Sure, Ed Headrick, PDGA founder. You are referring to Ed's wish to be cremated and his ashes used in the making of special discs. That would be a great addition to any player's collection.
No, man, it was just some dude. I never heard of him before, but the discs were like really shiney.

Are you looking forward to your next tournament?
Sure man, I love to play. I'd have to say I would quit my job as a ... a... what is it I do again?

I think you are a Senior Marketing Executive.
Oh yah, I forgot. All that schooling in Psychology at Mid City Tech State College, has me all messed up.

We really appreciate all the Daily Dumbasses you post on the site. Where do you get the inspirations?
Well, you know man, I just think of my days as a youngster growing up in the commune and then I Google the thoughts. And lots and lots of stuff similar to what I did back then comes up.

Brilliant, I would have never thought of that approach.
Yah, my dog told me to do that.

Your dog?
Yeah man I had this dream about playing frisbee with my dog and after we were done, he told me that's how I should get the videos.

Excellent. One more question and I'll let you get back to un-packing.
No problem, but I only brought a garbage bag and I already tore it open and unpacked.

That's great. When is your next tournament and will we be able to cover your exciting play?
I'm not sure yet. I'll have to talk to my social agent, and get back to you, but yeah sure man, I'll be taking the 1978 GMC custom van so you can ride along.

Thanks Fritz and good luck.
No sweat man.

Update: Fritz is actually in a picture on the site. I'll save you viewing all the sweaty bohemian hippies and just post it up right here.

Caption for that photo:
I'm not really a "pro disc golfer", I'm actually Fritz's groupie, I'm just looking.
Dude you serious didn't just tell her that frisbee would improve her game.
Fritz: If I stand over by the exit, real quiet, I can observe all the frisbee goodness and not actually talk to anyone.

Dumbass of the Day

A great find by the guys at With Leather.

Ethanol Scam: Ethanol Hurts the Environment And Is One of America's Biggest Political Boondoggles

The great danger of confronting peak oil and global warming isn't that we will sit on our collective asses and do nothing while civilization collapses, but that we will plunge after "solutions" that will make our problems even worse. Like believing we can replace gasoline with ethanol, the much-hyped biofuel that we make from corn.
Check it...that's a Hummer in the background...get it...America are just a bunch of SUV driving fools that want cheap gas...hahahaha...
Actually I agree that corn based ethanol has done nothing but drive up the cost of food and fuel.
It's a stupid idea and needs to be abandoned.

Ford and GM turn a profit

DETROIT - General Motors Corp. reported a second-quarter profit of $891 million on Tuesday, a huge reversal from the $3.4 billion loss it posted in the same period last year.

Ford surprised Wall Street Thursday by posting its first quarterly profit in two years. Then it spoiled the party by warning investors that it still expects big losses in the next two quarters and no return to full-year profitability until 2009.
And I picked pictures of pickup trucks for a reason. Both companies used the pickup market and the SUV market to post huge profits until the American public decided that was enough. Both companies are redesigning their car lines at a frantic pace. The profits came with the closing of some auto plants and downsizing their work force of the costly union workers.

FBI searches Sen. Stevens' Alaska home

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Federal agents with cameras searched the home of U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens amid questions about an oil company official's involvement in a 2000 renovation project that doubled the home's size, law enforcement officials said. Stevens, 83, is under a federal investigation for his connections to Bill Allen, founder of VECO Corp., an Alaska-based oil field services and engineering company that has reaped tens of millions of dollars in federal contracts.
There's nothing like inviting the FBI and the IRS over to your house. Nothing like it. They're so....nosey.
Thank you Senator Stevens for eroding the public trust of your institution.

The Tour de Pharmacy is over

PARIS - All the right elements were there: The smiling winner in his bright yellow jersey. The fans several rows deep under the majestic trees of the Champs-Elysees. But something seemed broken about the Tour de Pharmacy France on Sunday — perhaps forever. Overshadowing the joy of its newest and youngest winner in 10 years — Alberto Contador of Spain, who rode for the American Discovery Channel team.
"Suspicion is everywhere," Tour director Christian Prudhomme said. "We could have doubts about everyone."
I didn't include the doping tag because I want this to go away. Congrats to Alberto for his win. I'm sure we'll all tune in next year to watch to see how many riders get expelled for doping. But for us, the fans, the race should really be good competition, if indeed....everyone is equal.

Co-defendant: Vick financed dogfighting

RICHMOND, Va. - One of Michael Vick's co-defendants pleaded guilty Monday to his role in a dogfighting conspiracy he says was financed almost entirely by the Atlanta Falcons quarterback. As part of a plea agreement, Tony Taylor pledged to fully cooperate with the government in its prosecution of Vick and two other men accused of running an interstate dogfighting enterprise known as "Bad Newz Kennels" on Vick's property in rural Surry County.
That's bad news for Dog Killer.
Update: Upper Deck pulls Vick cards, memorabilia

Bill Walsh, great football coach, dead, leukemia, 75

SAN FRANCISCO - Bill Walsh could be as serious as they come and he could be down right hilarious. He could be creative and he could be precise. For those whose lives he touched, the Hall of Fame football coach will be remembered as a teacher who cared deeply about his players and many others whose path he crossed — a man who found new ways to win.

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