Friday, October 12, 2007

The Nobel Peace Prize 2007

First, how do you win half a Nobel Peace Prize and split it with a Intergovernmental Panel? In about 20 years when we are fearmongering about GLOBAL COOLING, the Nobel committee is going to slap themselves in the forehead. headline: Woman who saved 2500 Jews during the Holocaust given Nobel Peace Prize --- just kidding, it's the guy who emits over a ton of CO2 a year telling us to stop global warming

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John said...

Gore is a douche and if they give it to him the whole Norwegian Nobel Committee are douches.

Gore has not done anything besides make a movie about something we all know. How about giving it to someone who does good and expects nothing in return. Not an attention whore.

Why didn't they give him one for inventing the internet...thats right cause he didn't and he didn't discover global warming either.