Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dad's tattoo Dumble-Doh!

PROUD Paul Croft got a tattoo of Harry Potter wizard Albus Dumbledore on his back but is now being teased by pals after he was outed as gay.
Proud Paul, 36, spent a year having the Hogwarts headmaster etched into his skin as a surprise for his five kids.
But the factory worker has been the butt of jokes ever since Harry Potter author JK Rowling revealed last week that Dumbledore was in love with a fellow male sorcerer.
WTF? Over. Dumbledore's gay, why did that need to be add to the story? And more importantly why did that NEED to be added to the story?


Henry said...
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nehura said...

Actually, I read the book ... nowhere did I even remotely suspect that Albus Dumbledore was gay. There is nothing homosexual I read in all the books I read. It is only bcos after the fact, JK Rowling answered a question from a reporter and said that she did indeed picture AD as being gay when she wrote the character. It's basically a lot of hubbub over something that isn't even remotely alluded to or described in the book. The books are and always have been centrally focussed on magic, good and evil, growing up.