Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crashed drug plane owned by US Government?

Interesting story about the Gulfstream II jet filled with 3.7 tons of cocaine that crashed in the Yucatan a couple of weeks ago.
You can see the last flight at this site.

Here is a link to the Donna Blue front company website.
When you can get testimonials from John Doe, well, you're doing pretty good.
Donna Blue Aircraft = d/b/a

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John said...

This is not surprising. Barry Seal (ex-cia pilot) ran drugs for years using a C-123 the CIA gave him operating as a legit cargo company.

The CIA/DEA was hoping Seal would capture evidence of the Sandinista's and drug cartels working together.

That same aircraft later went to work for Southern Air Transport a front for the CIA.

Anyone remember Air America?