Wednesday, October 3, 2007


BALTIMORE - Gas-electric hybrid vehicles, the status symbol for the environmentally conscientious, are coming under attack from a constituency that doesn't drive: the blind.
ecause hybrids make virtually no noise at slower speeds when they run solely on electric power, blind people say they pose a hazard to those who rely on their ears to determine whether it's safe to cross the street or walk through a parking lot.
So obviously we should BAN all electric cars.

According to the website.
Approximately 1.3 million Americans are legally blind. That's .043 percent of our population.'s headline for the story: Blind people speak out against the danger of quieter (hybrid) automobiles; also concerned about rearranged furniture, plungers left in toilets

Hey, the Blind are suing Target too, Guess why?
Nope, the doors open automatically
nope, the bathroom signs are in Braille
give up? They can't use their WEBSITE!

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A federal judge in California certified a class action lawsuit against Target Corp (TGT.N) brought by plaintiffs claiming the discount retailer's website is inaccessible to the blind, according to court documents.
This country is going down the shitter, and it's being dragged down by Kalifornia.


John said...

If we keep going down the tubes like this pretty soon we are going to be Canada.

Henry said...

Our blind people can kick the ass of your blind people.